Sea-time as a Deck Officer onboard fishing vessels according to Namibian Manning Regulations at Namfi

Sea-time as a Deck Officer onboard fishing vessels according to Namibian Manning Regulations at Namfi

What is Sea-time as a Deck Officer onboard fishing vessels according to Namibian Manning Regulations?

This resolution notes that safe manning is a function of the number of qualified and experienced seafarers necessary for the safety and security of the ship, crew, passengers, cargo and property and for the protection of the marine environment.


The main purpose of the upper or primary deck is structural, and only secondarily to provide weather-tightness and support people and equipment. The deck serves as the lid to the complex box girder which can be identified as the hull. It resists tension, compression, and racking forces.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the duties and responsibilities of seafarers during onboard?

Duties include deck and accommodation patrols, steering the vessel, standing lookout and assisting the officer on watch. They also moor and unmoor the vessel in ports, secure/unsecure cargo, as well as cleaning and maintaining the deck.

What are the duties and responsibilities of the deck department?

The deck department is responsible for safely receiving, discharging, and caring for cargo during a voyage. The ship’s bosun, an able seaman (AB) day worker, and a watchstander AB are seen here working aloft aboard a U.S. freighter to maintain cargo rigging.

Which officer is in charge of the deck department?

The Chief Mate has direct responsibility for all deck operations including cargo storage and handling, deck maintenance, and deck supplies. The Second Mate is the ship’s Navigation Officer and has the responsibility for maintaining charts and monitoring the navigation equipment on the bridge.

What will be your duties if you become cadet on board ship?

A Deck Cadet’s duties will also normally include assisting with preparations for departure and arrival at port. If a Cadet is working in seafarer jobs in the merchant navy, this will include helping to supervise the loading and unloading of cargo, as well as its storage onboard.

What time is the duty of 2nd officer?

Traditionally, the second mate stands a “12-4” watch: from midnight until 4 a.m. and noon until 4 p.m. On watch, he must enforce all applicable regulations, such as safety of life at sea and pollution regulations.

What is 2nd officer in ship?

A second officer (mate) is coined “the navigator” on a ship. Their responsibility lies in the safe and efficient voyage of the ship. All route planning, chart and publication corrections, bridge equipment upkeep and maintenance are the responsibility of the second mate.

What is deck crew?

The deck department is responsible for ensuring safe navigation of vessels, safe handling and maintaining cargo on the vessels in good condition. The ranks of deck officers include master mariners, chief mates, second and third officers, as well as night vision officers.

Who is responsible for the deck logbook?

The deck log may, at the discretion of the master or owner, can be kept united with the ship’s official log book log so that in all cases the spaces in the official logbook be duly filled up. For this reason, the logbook of a ship should be properly filled without any errors. Time of arrival and departure and ETA.

Who is the most responsible person on board for a ship underway?

A deck officer assigned with the duties of watch keeping and navigation on a ship’s bridge is known as the officer on watch (OOW). While keeping a watch on the bridge he is the representative of the ship’s master and has the total responsibility of safe and smooth navigation of the ship.

What are the duties and responsibilities of a marine deck officer?

Deck officers maintain watches on the bridge at sea and about the ship in port. They are responsible for passage planning, safe navigation of the vessel, cargo loading and discharge, ship stability, communications and maintenance of the hull and deck equipment.