Second Hand Land Cruisers For Sale in Namibia

Second Hand Land Cruisers For Sale in Namibia

What is old Land Cruiser?

From its beginnings in 1951 as a mobility vehicle for Japan’s National Police Reserve, and then through over 70 years of continuous production, 14 model lines and thousands of variations, the Land Cruiser is the longest produced vehicle in Toyota’s history.

Second Hand Land Cruisers For Sale in Namibia

513 vehicles for sale in Namibia. Newest first, Oldest first … 2019 Toyota Land Cruiser. Windhoek. Price. $N 969,900. Mileage. 61,000 km. Engine xs …

Frequently Asked Questions

How reliable are old Land Cruisers?

What Are the Issues to Watch Out for With a Land Cruiser? Other than normal wear-and-tear issues, there really is nothing that stands out as a major failing on these vehicles. Even 20-year-old models are still running strong. The Land Cruiser’s engine, transmission, transfer case and 4WD systems are all tough as nails.

How much is a Land Cruiser in rands?

Price List – TOYOTA LANDCRUISER 300 Series

ModelPriceEmissions g/km
TOYOTA LANDCRUISER 300 3.3 ZX 4X4 DSL V6 ATR2,007,300.00238
TOYOTA LANDCRUISER 300 3.5 ZX 4X4 V6 ATR2,043,100.00291
TOYOTA LANDCRUISER 300 3.3 GR-S 4X4 DSL V6 ATR2,060,000.00238
TOYOTA LANDCRUISER 300 3.5 GR-S 4X4 V6 ATR2,095,100.00291

How much is Land Cruiser selling for?

The Toyota Land Cruiser 300 price in the Philippines starts at P5,340,000.00. The lowest price is the Toyota Land Cruiser 300 VX AT, ranging all the way up to the Toyota Land Cruiser 300 ZX AT (Precious White Pearl) priced at P5,747,000.00.

What is the most reliable Land Cruiser engine?

The most reliable Land Cruiser model is the heavy-duty 70 Series powered by the normally aspirated 1HZ diesel engine. The 70 series was first introduced in 1984. Currently, several models are available on the international market including the LC76 wagon, LC78 Troopy, and the LC79 double cab and single cab pick-ups .

Is a Land Cruiser a luxury car?

The ultimate expression of luxury and capability, the Land Cruiser is ready to make an impression wherever you go. Sleeker and sturdier than ever, it is the perfect blend of strength and sophistication.

Which is better petrol or diesel Land Cruiser?

While we expect both to perform really well in everyday situations and on more gruelling off-road trails, the added torque, better frugality and fewer emissions of the diesel motor is why we would go that route when choosing a new Toyota Land Cruiser 300.

Which Land Cruiser has best fuel economy?

Well the reality is the Landcruiser 200 diesel is an extremely fuel efficient vehicle and it has surpassed all my expectations. Technology has certainly come a long way and it is possible to have a V8 engine that manages to make you smile at the bowser.

What is the fuel consumption of a Land Cruiser V8?

The official combined fuel figures of the 200 Series is 10.3L/100km, which is increased 50 percent when towing. If you bought a diesel V8 LandCruiser because you though diesels were good on fuel, you’re in for a shock.

Is V8 Land Cruiser petrol or diesel?

Toyota Land Cruiser is available in 1 fuel option(s) -Diesel. Check similar car details: What fuel options are available in Lexus LX?

What is the best type of Land Cruiser?

The 80 Series Landcruiser has cemented itself as one of the best four-wheel drives of all time for several reasons. Out of the box, they’re comfortable, reliable, capable and, although subjective, very good looking.