Second Hand Mag Rims For Sale in Namibia

Second Hand Mag Rims For Sale in Namibia

What is Second Hand Mag Rim?

Magnesium wheels are wheels manufactured from alloys which contain mostly magnesium. Magnesium wheels are produced either by casting, or by forging. Magnesium has several key properties that make it an attractive base metal for wheels: lightness; a high damping capacity; and a high specific strength.

Second Hand Mag Rims For Sale in Namibia

New and used Rims for sale in Windhoek, Namibia on Facebook Marketplace. … 17 inch rims [hidden information] in Windhoek West, Khomas. N$3,300.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much do real rims cost?

Price Range and Factors Influencing Cost

Steel wheels typically range between $50 to $200 per rim, depending on factors such as brand, size, and design. Some special stainless-steel wheels with chrome coatings can cost a lot more, though, with prices exceeding $500. These are usually installed on classic cars.

Which is better mags or rims?

Strength -> alloy rims are stronger than a steel or mag wheel ensuing less flex around corners resulting in the car handling better. Lighter in weight -> the light weight of alloys reduces the un-sprung weight of the car which in turn provides better handling and a smoother ride.

What paint to use on mag wheels?

SINNEK’s SP/9240 ALUMINIUM WHEELS is a spray that is specially designed to paint wheels in aluminium colour, which is the most common type of shade used in this type of parts. This product provides the professional a simple application, high hiding power and fast drying.

How do you know if a rim is good?

Visible damage is the most obvious way that you’ll know if a tire rim is bent. If you see any dents on your tire’s rim or oddly-shaped protrusions, examine it and see what’s wrong. Sometimes, though, hubcaps can obscure your view of the tire and make it difficult to detect damage on your wheel.

Is it okay to buy used rims?

Buying rims and wheels used can be a great way to save money if you have a damaged rim or are simply looking to have an extra set on hand. While new, factory OEM wheels are usually the preferred option, if you can find a wheel in good condition at the right price, it might be the logical choice.

What are the symptoms of bad rims?


  • Vibration in the steering wheel or seats, depending on which wheel is affected.
  • Uneven tire tread wear.
  • Increased road noise (such as droning or thumping heard in your vehicle cabin)
  • Decreased fuel efficiency.
  • Poor handling.

How can you tell how old a rim is?

The serial number for your wheels can be found inside the rim (under your rim tape). The serial is the seven digit number that typically starts with a “1” or “2”. Fun fact, usually the first 2 digits are the year in which it was manufactured.

Do rim brakes damage wheels?

You don’t need us to tell you that the wheels are one of the most important components on your bike and if you run rim brakes your rims can wear out – that’s because whether your wheels are aluminium or carbon every time you brake not only are you shaving small amounts of material from your brake blocks, you’re shaving ..

Why do rims crack?

Driving on a Flat Tire

The first and honestly one of the most likely causes of rim damage is working with tires that are too low for the roughness of the road. Every time you go over a bump, the springiness of well-inflated tires absorbs that bump and keeps the hard metal of the inner wheel and rim safe.

What can you do with old rims?

When it comes to recycling rims and tires, there are a few different options:

  1. Drop them off at a recycling center. Depending on their conditions, your tires and rims can even make you some money at a recycling center.
  2. Recycle your tires at a retread facility.
  3. Upcycle your tires and rims!