Server Administration [MCITP] At ITCL

Server Administration [MCITP] At ITCL

What is Server Administration [MCITP]?

The MCITP Server Administrator certification will help you develop and demonstrate your knowledge and skills in working with Server 2008 and prepare you for several different roles including: Windows Server Administrator. Server Systems Administrator. Monitoring Operator. Network.


Microsoft Certified Technology Specialist (MCTS) certifications distinguish IT professionals who are proficient in a specific Microsoft technology, such as Exchange Server, Windows or Visual Studio.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does Mcitp stand for?

An MCITP (Microsoft Certified IT Professional) is a credential that proves that an individual has a complete set of skills required to perform a particular IT job role, such as enterprise or virtualization administrator.

What replaces Mcitp?

Microsoft Certified IT Professional (MCITP) certifications were already retired and was replaced with Microsoft Certified Solutions Expert (MCSE) which also retired on January 31, 2021.

What is difference between MCSA MCSE and Mcitp?

MCITP is old certification, which was on Windows Server 2008 platform and is retired and you can not take this certification exam now. Please refer to MCSE is current certification and you can take this certification exam now.

How do you become a Mcitp?

To earn the MCITP: Enterprise Administrator certification, you must pass five exams: four Microsoft Certified Technology Specialist (MCTS) exams and one Professional Series exam.

Is Mcitp still valid?

Microsoft Certified IT Professional (MCITP) certifications were already retired and was replaced with Microsoft Certified Solutions Expert (MCSE) which will also retire on January 31, 2021

Is it good to have Microsoft Certification?

That’s what makes Microsoft Certification so valuable. It demonstrates that you’re proficient in the specific, real-world skills associated with recognized industry roles. It verifies that you know how to apply technical knowledge to solve today’s business challenges.

Is MCSE difficult?

According to a 2014 article in The Register, the exam is designed to represent the pinnacle of certifications for IT pros. Microsoft took steps at the time to increase rigor and make it clear that MSCE certification represented the highest possible certification.

Is Microsoft Certification free?

Currently, Microsoft offers free certification passes for 12 of its certifications. You can see the certifications and relevant challenges here. Each certification will cost you 165 USD if you decide to pay it yourself (the price may vary depending on your location).

Is MCSA harder than CCNA?

Both are hard. Cisco has much better training material though.

Which cloud certification is free?

Learn new cloud skills with free AWS training, free Microsoft Azure certification courses, and free content around Google Cloud (GCP), security, DevOps, Kubernetes, Linux, and beyond.

What is CCNA and MCSE?

MCSE & CCNA is all about the depth knowledge of networking field in term of computer oriented. “MCSE and CCNA are the two but parallel certifications in the field of IT”. MCSE stands for Microsoft Certified Solutions Expert and CCNA is an acronym for Cisco Certified Network Associate.

Do I need MCSA before MCSE?

MCSA is an entry-level certification. One needs to complete this before commencing MCSE, which is an expert level, specialist certificate of Microsoft.

What are the current MCSE certifications 2021?

Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management, Manufacturing Functional Consultant Associate. Dynamics 365 Customer Service Functional Consultant Associate. Dynamics 365 Field Service Functional Consultant Associate.

Does GitHub provide certification?

Free SysTrack certification and badge upon completion of self-paced courses through their online learning platform. They offer three courses: SysTrack Technician, SysTrack Engineer, and SysTrack Dashboard Designer.

What is the highest level of Microsoft Certification?

The Microsoft Certified Solutions Expert (MCSE) is the highest certification awarded by Microsoft and is intended for IT professionals aiming to validate multifaceted technical abilities. On par with the MCSE in terms of rank is the MCSD, or Microsoft Certified Solutions Developer.

Are Microsoft exams hard?

Microsoft certification exams are usually hard, really hard. They are generally not very fun to take. The exams dive into minutia, asking questions that people with years of experience can’t answer.