Services offered by the Business School of Excellence, Namibia

Services offered by the Business School of Excellence, Namibia


BSE has a sales and marketing team which is supported by a network of Regional Managers who specialise in education sales. Services can include the acquisition of students for specified markets to assist education institutions with enrolments and brand awareness. We support the administration service and have the equipment so that registration of learners is not delayed after the initial contact is made. This ensures that applications are processed without delay.


Our eVision system makes use of workflow systems that push data to relevant staff members in the enrolment process. All applications are screened and can be sent to the relevant academics in various institutions for approval.

eVision and supporting scanning software allow for quick and easy access to all documents. The financial approval process is managed on behalf of the institution to ensure payments are made according to the student contract. A direct link is in place with Letshego Finance which provides an immediate turn-around time. A stringent Quality Assurance process is in place where data is checked for completeness and accuracy of all documents before a student is finally registered.


BSE takes care to upload all content to eVision and Moodle (if required) where strict policies are in place to ensure version control of documents and other learning content. Upon final registration in eVision, the student receives an SMS that provides them with their username and password for online platform giving them immediate access to their learner content. At the same point in the process, an automated dispatch request is sent to printing and dispatch operation (Credo Books). The relevant books are selected (picked), packed and delivered to the student. All study material is tracked and all students are notified that their material is on the way.


Student support is offered through the following platforms;

  • Direct support from the BSE office
  • Social Media: Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, BSE Chat Forums
  • SMS Communication
  • E-mails
  • Online Student Platform
  • Integrated Communication System

Over the past few years BSE has invested in advanced technology which enables the receipt of thousands of assignment scripts per year. BSE records the receipt of these and distributes the assignments to qualified academic staff for marking. The eVision software used for this purpose supports this process with barcode scanners and digital pads for recording the data. Assignment marks can be captured directly onto eVision by the academic marking the assignments. BSE sees to the collection of assignments from the academics and packages and posts the assignments back to the students. Assignment management on Moodle can also be managed effectively and speedily through automated systems in the software.


Most institutions provide contact classes to their students. BSE can manage that process and help reduce costs by making use of their existing infrastructure of contact centres nationally and internationally. These classes can be expanded to include those that wish to make use of the interactive whiteboards or simply connect to board rooms and training rooms that have the basic computer, internet and whiteboards installed.


The most crucial event in the student’s life cycle is the examination. Institutions can make use of BSE exam centres of which there are more than one hundred centres nationally and internationally. We specialise in printing, packaging and distribution of exam papers. BSE currently distributes over 80,000 exam scripts to exam centres annually. Our infrastructure includes the incorporation of tight security and surveillance cameras throughout the printing process and whilst exams are being written we have exam “inspectors” that will visit exam sites without notice to ensure that these are conducted according to expectations and exam policies.


BSE manages graduation ceremonies for institutions annually. Our “dream team” makes all the necessary arrangements. BSE oversees the printing of certificates if required, plan every detail of the event and ensure that everything goes according to plan on the day. The project management process here includes gown hire, photographers, seating planning and preparation, music, flowers, gifts for prize winners, and much, much more.