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About Us

About Shoprite

Shoprite made a promise of lower prices. This promise has formed the very foundation of our business, and has helped us grow into Africa’s largest food retailer. Today, with over 500 outlets and 22 million shoppers, we continue to provide many communities with a variety of food products, household goods and small appliances at our lowest possible prices.

Quality and range at the lowest price

At Shoprite, we are able to consistently offer you savings on all your much-needed grocery items. But we don’t stop there, we also bring you a range of quality products like our extra-matured Steakhouse Classic Steaks, Wines from the world’s best wine producing countries, freshly baked breads and the freshest fruit and vegetables all year round, to name a few.

Community upliftment

Shoprite continuously contributes to the well-being of our communities by becoming actively involved in helping those in need. Beyond our everyday low prices, we support projects that are aimed at community upliftment and enrichment.

Through our Act for Change programme we have supported projects in various communities, especially those that focus on hunger relief, women empowerment and skills development. We always strive to make a difference wherever we can.

Shoprite. Lower prices you can trust, always.

Being Part of the Shoprite Team

At Shoprite, we aim to be an employer of choice and we take pride in being an innovative, job-creating company with a strong hire-to-retire model.We work hard to attract, develop, retain and reward our employees, and to date the Group employs more than 141 000 employees.

Our employees consist of a diverse group of people representing a wide demographic. We aim to employ locally in each country we operate in, as we want to provide opportunities to the people who live within the immediate vicinity of our stores and other operational functions.

Careers at the Shoprite Group

The Shoprite Group is the largest private sector employer in South Africa and a leading employer in Africa. We believe our employees are key to our success. We focus on attracting, developing and retaining a loyal and committed workforce, dedicated to the Group’s culture and organisational objectives.

Work at our offices

We offer a range of exciting career opportunities at our various divisional offices around Africa and the Home Office departments in Cape Town.

Work at our stores

A wide range of store-environment positions are also available in our operations, including food, furniture, financial and cellular retailing. To apply send a WhatsApp message to 0872405709 and select Job Opportunities or click below.

Bursary Opportunities

If you’re young, ambitious and serious about your future, our bursary opportunities will set you on the path to success. We provide financial study assistance in the fields of accounting, pharmacy, logistics, information technology, retail business management and more.

Graduate Programmes

As a graduate student, you have the opportunity to gain valuable work experience across a range of departments at Africa’s leading supermarket retailer. If you’re a talented graduate with a degree in B. Pharm, Retail Management, B.Compt/B.Acc or any other relevant field of study, we’d love to hear from you.

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Shoprite offers consumers direct contact with the company through their customer centre, Checkline, that can be reached by phoning the toll-free number (when using a landline)  0800 01 07 09 in South Africa or connect with us via our online feedback form above.

Checkline is open Monday – Saturday and 08:00 – 17:00, and Sundays from 09:00 – 14:00.