Small Bakkies For Sale in Namibia

Small Bakkies For Sale in Namibia

What is Small Bakkie?

A small truck with an open body and low sides.

Small Bakkies For Sale in Namibia

Bakkie Double Cab sales in Namibia ; N$ 70,000. 2013 GWM Steed 5, 2.2 MPI. 183 039 km ; N$ 120,000. 2017 GWM Steed 5. 77 000 km ; N$ 135,000.

Frequently Asked Question

What is a single or double cab bakkie?

Single cabs provide a bigger storage area and are thus perfect for hauling loads. If, however, you see yourself splitting your loads between goods and passengers, a double cab will probably serve you better. Hopefully this helps you make a good decision regarding which bakkie is better.

How many people can fit in a bakkie?

A hybrid-body bakkie. You need only 2 seats and certainly need storage space where it is safe inside the bakkie, or if you travel, some easy-to-access belongings like padkos (food for eating in the car along a road trip). Sure, it can only take 2 people, legally, but you will have much more space inside.

What are the benefits of having a bakkie?

Bakkies Are Best

One of the major benefits is that it will experience little to no depreciation, meaning it will keep its value for years to come. You will also have a lower impact on the environment and still have up-to-date safety features.

Is a bakkie an SUV?

Bakkies are designed to carry more payload and come fitted with bigger wheels with thicker sidewalls for proper off-roading. SUVs are the opposite of that. They have a softer suspension backed up with good levels of handling prowess as well as great performance.

Which bakkie is cheapest to maintain?

The most economical servicing cost goes to the GWM Steed at R3,443, just ahead of the Nissan Navara at R3,669 and the Toyota Hilux third at R5,059. The Isuzu boasts the lowest repair costs at R5,537, followed by the Ranger XLT R7,274 and the GWM Steed 6 in third place with a basket of R7,645.

Which bakkie consumes less fuel?

The most fuel-efficient bakkie in the country is the Mazda BT-50, where its most economical model averages 6.6l/100km on a typical cycle – which is not far off the mileage provided by something like the Mazda 2 hatchback.

Which bakkie is most powerful?

Hennessy Mammoth 1000 TRX – 754 kW and 1 313 N.m

Despite being the most powerful production 4X4 bakkie in the world, Hennessey has done what they do best, adding power and making cars look meaner.

What is the difference between a 4×2 and 4×4 bakkie?

A 4×2 bakkie is perfectly fine for 90% of driving conditions, primarily when used with a diff-lock and the correct tyres, inflated according to the conditions. On the other hand, a 4×4 bakkie can evenly distribute its engine power to all four wheels, resulting in better traction and stability on slippery surfaces.

Does Honda have a bakkie?

The bakkie is available in front- and rear-wheel-drive configurations. For a decade and a half, local bakkie fans have jealously observed Honda’s double-cab from afar.

What is the best-selling bakkie in Namibia?

Reliable and Dependable. The Hilux is the most popular bakkies in Namibia. No other brand in the country has sold more bakkies. The Hilux is the best-selling bakkies in the country and has a long and successful history.