Smeg Suppliers in Namibia

Smeg Suppliers in Namibia

What is Smeg Suppliers

SMEG is an Italian home appliance manufacturer based in Guastalla, near Reggio Emilia, in the northern Italian region of Emilia-Romagna. SMEG has subsidiaries worldwide, alongside overseas sales offices, and an extensive sales parnter network.

Smeg Suppliers in Namibia

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Frequently Asked Questions

What does Smeg sell?

Small appliances

With its signature 50s style silhouettes, range of beautiful colours and variety of uses, Smeg’s small appliance collection is an ode to self-expression in the kitchen.

Why is Smeg costly?

You’re paying a premium for design and aesthetics

Design is arguably the biggest and most important reason why Smeg is expensive. The brand is synonymous with a premium aesthetic, and is the go-to choice for those who favour well designed products, particularly those with a love for retro and vintage inspired items.

What does Smeg stand for?

Smalterie Metallurgiche Emiliane Guastalla

founds SMEG (Smalterie Metallurgiche Emiliane Guastalla) in Guastalla, near Reggio Emilia, in Italy.

Which country owns Smeg?


Smeg is an Italian home appliance manufacturer based in Guastalla, near Reggio Emilia in the north of the country. Smeg has subsidiaries worldwide, overseas offices and an extensive sales network.

Who owns Smeg?

Smeg (appliances)

Key peopleVittorio Bertazzoni, Roberto Bertazzoni, Vittorio Bertazzoni current Chairman
Revenue€906 million (2021)
Number of employees2,600 (2021)

Who is the CEO of Smeg?

Vittorio Bertazzoni

Vittorio Bertazzoni, CEO of Italian appliance brand Smeg, has reassured retailers that it is fully stocked in certain categories. Smeg attributes this availability to its short supply chain. Its headquarters is in Guastalla, northern Italy, and all five factories are in Italy.

What is so special about Smeg products?

The brand identifies with the features of Italian design, such as inventive elegance, originality and quality products. This aspect is not just based on a question of styling but it is rather the expression of the origin of the Brand itself and of its passion.

Who are SMEG competitors?

Top 5 Smeg competitors

  • Cuisine Machine.
  • Amica.
  • DKB Household.
  • Key.
  • Sub-Zero, Wolf, and Cove.

What is the meaning of the SMEG logo?

Franco Maria Ricci, one of Italy’s most illustrious publishers and graphic designers, creates the Smeg logo which incorporates references to the burners of a gas hob and the round knobs of an oven.

What products do SMEG make?

Choose from our iconic range of small kitchen appliances including kettles, toasters, mixers, blenders, juicers and coffee machines, in a colour to match your personality and space.