St. Charles Lwanga Major Seminary Entry Requirements

St. Charles Lwanga Major Seminary Admission Requirements

The study programme of the Seminary has three stages:

Stage 1:  Orientation

This first year is an year for discernment, a time to know more about your call to diocesan priesthood and also to acquire various skills in Prayer, Communication and English

Stage 2:  Philosophy (Two Years)

This stage will lead one to more maturity. It will help you to understand more about your vocation to priesthood. It will give a good understanding of Human Person, of the World and of God. By using the different tools of Philosophy you will be trained to use your reason and slowly you will start seeing things with a reflective and critical mind.

Stage 3:  Theology (Four Years)

In this stage the students are matured enough to take a decision on their future life. Apart from acquiring a deep knowledge of the Bible and Church teaching, here they concentrate more on their future ministry, grow more in spiritual life, develop pastoral interest and various skills needed for various ministries in the parish.

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