How to Support/Donate to the Namibia Evangelical Theological Seminary (NETS)

How to Support/Donate to the Namibia Evangelical Theological Seminary (NETS)

It costs NETS approximately N$40,000 (NAD) per full-time student per year to cover our running costs. NETS is, however, absolutely committed to providing quality theological education that is both accessible and affordable for the people of Namibia. To this end NETS actively partners with both Namibian and international sponsors who subsidise our operating costs and allow us to keep our course fees as low as possible.

Some of this support comes in the form of student scholarships, where sponsors pay for the actual costs of training a student (N$40,000pa). Together with donations that are made directly towards our running costs, these scholarships help ensure that we can both continue to operate, and can continue to keep our advertised fees at levels that are more affordable for the Namibian community.

On top of the annual cost of tuition at NETS, a full-time residential student also needs to raise N$23,000 for accommodation and at least N$12,000 for food and other daily needs. Many students receive minimal support from their church and depend on the financial support of other Christians inside and outside of Namibia.

How to Support NETS & the Students at NETS

If you have a heart to help raise up the next generation Christ-like leaders in the Namibian church and society, then here are three practical ways that you can help to financially support the ministry of NETS.

  1. You can make either a one-off or a regular donation to the NETS Support Fund. This general fund is used to cover our running costs, and thus to keep the fees low for all of our students. To donate in this way please use the banking details below with the reference ‘Donation to NETS‘
  2. Or you can choose to donate to the NETS Scholarship Fund. This fund is administered by the Residential Lecturers Committee to help students who are identified as having genuine needs and particular ministry potential. To donate in this way please use the banking details below with the reference ‘NETS Scholarship Fund‘
  3. You can also choose to Sponsor a Student. If you wish to support a particular student we can send you one or two student profiles to choose from. Please also contact us if you would be interested in part-sponsoring a student.
    • N$40,000pa will fully cover the cost of one student’s education.
    • N$63,000pa will fully cover a student’s education and accommodation.
    • N$75,000pa will cover their education, accommodation and living expenses.

NETS Banking Details

Name of Bank: Bank Windhoek
Branch Name: Windhoek
Branch Code: 481972
Account Name: Namibia Evangelical Theological Seminary (NETS)
Account Number: 1177846701
International Swift Code: BWLINANX

Please specify in the reference section what the transfer is for, as per the following:

  • ‘Donation to NETS‘ (for all donations to support NETS and to keep fees low).
  • ‘NETS Scholarship Fund‘ (for donations to support promising students in need).
  • ‘Sponsorship +Student Name‘ (for donations supporting a specific student).
  • ‘Study Fees +Student Name‘ (to pay student fees for a specific student).
  • ‘Rental Payment +Student Name‘ (to pay the accommodation for specific student)