Technology Education at Southern Business School Namibia

Technology Education at Southern Business School Namibia

What is Technology Education?

Technology education is the study of technology, in which students “learn about the processes and knowledge related to technology”. As a field of study, it covers the human’s ability to shape and change the physical world to meet needs, by manipulating materials and tools with techniques.


The essential objective of Educational Technology is to improve the quality of education and enhance the learning process. Most importantly, technology should magnify the teaching and learning process as well as facilitate better performance of educational systems as it emphasises upon effectiveness and efficiency.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is education technology simple definition?

Educational technology is a complex, integrated process involving people, procedures, ideas, devices and organization for analyzing problems and devising, implementing, evaluating and managing solutions to those problems involved in all aspects of human learning.

What is technology-based education?

Technology-based education is the integration of instructional technology into the learning environment of schools. Learn more in: Cyberethics Across the Curriculum. 2. Refers to educational setings that apply advanced technologies such as computer and the internet in the process of teaching and learning.

What are 4 components of technology education?

According to Joshua New, building a data-driven education approach comes down to four components: personalization, evidence-based learning, school efficiency, and continuous innovation.

What is the advantage of technology in education?

They can choose between real-time learning or learning at their own pace. Technology in education has allowed students to gain control over their learning, but it also provided flexibility to teachers in transferring knowledge to students.

What is importance of technology?

Information technology is important in our lives because it helps to deal with every day’s dynamic things. Technology offers various tools to boost development and to exchange information. Both these things are the objective of IT to make tasks easier and to solve many problems.

What is educational technology examples?

Education ICT is the use of information and communication technologies (ICT) for educational purposes. Examples of education ICT include using cloud-based learning software, apps, blogs or discussion boards, digital whiteboards, and other interactive online tools for students and teachers.

What are the types of education technology?

There are three types of educational technology: Synchronous and Asynchronous, Linear learning, and Collaborative Learning.

What is the main difference between education technology and technology in education?

Educational Technology is mainly concerned with the narrow spectrum of technologies used for communication and the dissemination of information. Educational Technology teaches through technology, instructing students in the use of a relatively small set of tools developed by technology.

What is educational technology for teaching and learning?

Educational Technology is the field of study that investigates the process of analyzing, designing, developing, implementing, and evaluating the instructional environment, learning materials, learners, and the learning process in order to improve teaching and learning.

What are the main areas of technology education?

It has three aspects. First, the most obvious one, is technology as a discipline for teaching and learning. The second aspect is the technology of learning, and the third one is the technology of teaching.

What is educational technology PDF?

“Educational Technology” may be defined as the systematic application of the knowledge of sciences to practical tasks in Education. It is a communication process resulting from the adaptation of the scientific method to the behavioral science of teaching/learning.

How is technology used in education today?

Technology in education provides virtual attendance, live chat, as well as face to face communication with teachers and students in real time. One can also access the previously recorded lessons, as well as a wealth of other materials necessary for studying.

What is the impact of technology on student learning?

Education technology can help students by making learning more engaging and collaborative. Rather than memorizing facts, students learn by doing and through critical thinking.

What are the benefits and importance of technology?

Advantages of new technology include: easier, faster and more effective communication. better, more efficient manufacturing techniques. less wastage.

How does technology helps you in your daily life?

Technology affects almost every aspect of 21st century life, from transport efficiency and safety, to access to food and healthcare, socialization and productivity. The power of the internet has enabled global communities to form and ideas and resources to be shared more easily.