Toyota Prado For Sale in Namibia

Toyota Prado For Sale in Namibia

What is Toyota Prado?

Toyota Land Cruiser Prado is a 7 seater SUV with the last recorded price of Rs. 96.30 Lakh. It is available in 3 variants, 2982 cc engine option and 1 transmission option : Automatic.

Toyota Prado For Sale in Namibia

3 Toyota Prado for sale ; N$ 249,000. 2006 Toyota TOYOTA PRADO 4.0 V6 VX AUTO. 266 000 km ; N$ 399,000. 2010 Toyota Prado VX 4.0 V6 Auto. 162 000 km ; N$ 599,900.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the cheapest Prado?

The Toyota Landcruiser Prado is available from $62,830 to $87,468 for the 2023 range of models in SUV body types.

How much is a Toyota Prado worth?


PriceRanges from $ 59,840.00 to $87,807.00
Body StyleWagon
Release DateFrom August 2020 to June 2021
Drive Type4WD
VIN Plate LocationDriver Side Front Chassis

Why is Prado so popular?

While the Prado has always played second fiddle in the aspiration stakes to the full-fat LandCruiser, there is no doubt that the combination of comfort, space, practicality and off-road ability made the LandCruiser Prado a staple of suburban streets and off-road tracks in Australia over the decades.

What does TXL mean in Prado?

TXL is an advanced model having more powerful features than TX. This model is fuel economy with a roomie cabin. TXL is also fitted with more advanced safety features than the TX model. The model has four-cylinder gasoline engines and is turbo-charged, making it efficient and durable.

What is the difference between Prado TX and VX?

TX variants use halogen bulbs, whilst VX and VX-L models feature LEDs. All units use LED Daytime Running Lights (DRL) and foglights, in addition to auto light control system, as standard. The Prado also gains new alloy wheels; 17” alloys for the TX and high-gloss painted 18” rims on VX and VX-L derivatives.

Which is better Prado VX or GXL?

The VX is great for serious highway and off-road travelling, but the GXL has a good range of standard features and the $10,000 difference from the VX would go a long way to paying for your travels.

Is Prado a luxury?

The LandCruiser Prado is built to take on Australia’s toughest terrain, yet inside you’ll find a luxurious interior made with comfort in mind.

Which Prado is most powerful?

2022 Toyota LandCruiser Prado to score thumping diesel V6 from LC300 – reports. Toyota is reportedly prepping the most powerful Prado ever for launch in August next year, with updated version of the super-popular SUV to adopt the thumping V6 diesel from the LandCruiser 300 Series.

Why is it called Prado?

The prado (“meadow”) that was where the museum now stands gave its name to the area, the Salón del Prado (later Paseo del Prado), and to the museum itself upon nationalisation.

What is the fuel consumption of the Prado?

7.9 to 7.9L/100km

Fuel consumption for the 2021 Toyota Land Cruiser Prado is dependent on the type of engine, transmission, or model chosen. The Toyota Land Cruiser Prado currently offers fuel consumption from 7.9 to 7.9L/100km. The Toyota Land Cruiser Prado is available with the following fuel type: Diesel.