Toyota Runx For Sale in Namibia

Toyota Runx For Sale in Namibia

What is Toyota Runx?

Toyota Corolla Runx – hatchback large family of models Corolla. Toyota Runx is one of the most reliable as well as affordable car in its class. The overall look for the car recalls for Europe. The interior of Toyota runx is not much different from corolla, but sports items added to it.

Toyota Runx For Sale in Namibia

18 vehicles for sale in Namibia · 2007 Toyota Runx · 2010 Toyota Runx · 2002 Toyota Runx · 2014 Toyota Runx · 2015 Toyota Runx · 2006 Toyota Runx · 2005 Toyota Runx.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which car replaced Toyota RunX?

First-generation Auris

Auris replaced the RunX and is remembered for introducing turbodiesel engines and a hybrid option to Toyota’s local hatchback range. Other interesting design details were the console mounted shifter and double-decker centre-dash stowage area.

How much HP does a Toyota RunX have?

Toyota Corolla Corolla Runx • 1.5 i (110 Hp) technical specifications and fuel consumption —

When did Toyota stop making RunX?

The Corolla Runx and the Allex were replaced by the Auris in October 2006.

Which RunX model is best?

The RunX is also practical and has excellent comfort features for its class. Although the sporty RSi’s exhilaration isn’t that pure, it is a car for a Toyota loyalist. But I think the 1.6-litre models are the best choice in the range and VW and Opel will have to watch out for them.

Which is better RunX or Allex?

For a good speedy ride on the highway and exploring places, then Toyota RunX is your better choice with excellent aerodynamics and handling attributes, optional sunroof, front fog lamp and also the Xenon headlight.

How many types of Toyota RunX are there?

The six models in the RunX range are grouped in three engine sizes and four specification levels: ‘R’ (baseline available on the 140i only), RT (140i and 160i), RS (safety specification available on 160i only), RX (160i luxury specification) and RSi for the top of the range 1,8-litre model.

How many Litres is Toyota RunX fuel tank?

Toyota Corolla Runx 1.5i (110 Hp) 2001, 2002, 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006 Specs

Kerb Weight1090 kg 2403.04 lbs.
Fuel tank capacity50 l 13.21 US gal | 11 UK gal
Length4175 mm 164.37 in.

What is the engine size of a RunX?

Toyota Corolla Runx : Basic Specifications

Model nameCorolla Runx
Number of Seats5
Engine Capacity1496 – 1795cc
User Ratings on tc-v.com4.4/5.0
Maximum power105 – 190ps

How old is Toyota RunX?

The station wagon model is called the Corolla Fielder in Japan and the five-door hatchback is called the Corolla RunX, launched in 2001. The Toyota Allex is a five-door hatchback that replaced the Sprinter sedan, a badge engineered version of the Corolla RunX.

What kind of engine is in the Toyota RunX?

Gasoline engines of 1.5 liters (105–110 hp) and 1.8 liters (125–132 hp) were installed on the car, equipped only with automatic transmissions. The drive could be front or full. The most powerful version of the Toyota Allex hatchback received a 1.8-liter naturally aspirated engine that develops 190 hp.