Toyota Single Cab For Sale in Namibia

Toyota Single Cab For Sale in Namibia

What is Toyota Single Cab?

The Hilux Single Cab is a tough and dependable workhorse with improved styling and engine power, to ensure tough reliability, no matter the job or deadline.

Toyota Single Cab For Sale in Namibia

N$ 110,000. 2012 Toyota Hilux VVTI. 120 000 km ; N$ 155,000. 2014 Toyota Hilux. 150 000 km ; N$ 184,900. 2015 Toyota Hilux 2.5 4×2 SRX S/C.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long is a single cab Toyota?

Toyota Hilux capacity & size

Toyota Hilux sizeSingle CabExtended Cab
Exterior length (mm)53305330
Exterior height (mm)17951810
Exterior width, mirrors folded (mm)18001855
Wheelbase (mm)30853085

How much is a new single cab Hilux?

The Toyota HiLux is available from $26,475 to $74,990 for the 2023 range of models in Dual Cab, Extra Cab and Single Cab body types.

Why is it called single cab?

Single Cab pickup trucks don’t have rear passenger seats, maximizing the amount of bed length. A Single Cab Silverado is a great option for Puyallup businesses who need the most cargo space possible to transport their materials.

What is the fuel consumption of Toyota single cab?

In terms of fuel consumption, the Toyota Hilux single cab 2.0 VVTI has a combined fuel efficiency rating of approximately 8.0 liters per 100 km, which is quite good for a pickup truck of this size and power.

When did Toyota stop making single cabs?


Toyota is quietly discontinuing production of its two-door “single cab” Tundra full-sized pickup truck starting in the 2018 model year, building only double cab and extended cab versions at its plant in San Antonio.

What is the cheapest Toyota HiLux?

Prices for the latest Toyota HiLux range from $23,590 for the entry-level HiLux Workmate, all the way through to $69,990 for the premium and high-spec HiLux Rugged X (4X4). As always, these retail prices exclude on-road costs, stamp duty and dealer delivery charges.

Is double cab better than single cab?

Single cabs provide a bigger storage area and are thus perfect for hauling loads. If, however, you see yourself splitting your loads between goods and passengers, a double cab will probably serve you better.

How many seats does a single cab have?

two seats


Also called a Single-Cab-Chassis, the Single-cab is the quintessential tradie’s ute that comprises two doors, two seats, and a tray out back for carrying tools and equipment.

Which Toyota has the lowest fuel consumption?

Out of all the 2021 Toyota models, the Toyota Prius Prime Plug-In Hybrid is the most fuel-efficient Toyota vehicle with an estimated 54 city mpg and 133 highway mpg. 1 Still, if you’ve been searching for a fuel-efficient Toyota for sale, you’ll want to browse the full lineup of hybrid and electric Toyota vehicles.

What is the tank capacity of a Toyota single cabin?

Toyota Hilux 4×2 Single Cab Up Spec Overview

Fuel tank capacity is 80 litres and it averages approx 8 Km/L in city and 9 Km/L on highways