Toyota VITZ For Sale in Namibia

Toyota VITZ For Sale in Namibia

What is Toyota VITZ?

The Toyota Vitz is a sub compact Japanese car, available in three and five doors and was launched for the first time in 1998. Currently the Toyota Vitz is in its third generation successfully, which was launched in 2010. Vitz is very famous due to its small size and spacious interior and stylish exterior design.

Toyota VITZ For Sale in Namibia

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Frequently Asked Questions

Which Toyota Vitz is the best?

Toyota Vitz 1.3U Test Drive Report|TCV(former tradecarview)

The 1.3L model is the recommended model for Vitz.

Can a Vitz travel long distance?

The fuel can you take you for a distance of up to 650 kilometres, on good driving.

How much is a Toyota Vitz?

Price List – TOYOTA VITZ Series

ModelPriceEmissions g/km
TOYOTA VITZ 1.0 5-DRR189,900.00101
TOYOTA VITZ 1.0 XR 5-DRR219,900.00101
TOYOTA VITZ 1.0 XR 5-DR AMTR239,900.0097
TOYOTA VITZ 1.0 X-CITE 5-DRR189,900.00101

What does S and B mean in Toyota Vitz?

In “S”, the transmission holds lower gears longer for more power as you come out of the curves. The “B” position favors lower gears, too, but for a totally different purpose.

Is Toyota Vitz fuel efficient?

The company Claims that the latest version of Toyota Vitz equipped with 1.3 liter petrol engine provides the highest level of fuel efficiency and consumes 26.5 km per litre. According to the Toyota it is the highest level of fuel efficiency apart from hybrids and minicars for a vehicle powered by petrol engine.

Which car is better Toyota Vitz or Honda Fit?

All of them have the same objective which is increasing efficiency. For the best fuel efficiency, Car From Japan would say Honda Fit with i-DSI engine would be the best choice because it has lower weight. For power, Toyota Vitz with VVT-i is better than Honda Fit.

How big is a Vitz fuel tank?

The fuel consumption of the Toyota Vitz 2015 on average is 15 KM/L mileage with fuel tank capacity of 42 liters which is very sufficient for long road trip.

How big is the fuel tank on a Toyota Vitz?

Fuel tank capacity of the new Vitz is expected to be 32 litres and its ground clearance is expected to be 170mm.

How many Litres is a Toyota Vitz fuel tank?

Toyota Vitz F 1.0L Overview

Its a Petrol car. Fuel tank capacity is 42 litres and it averages approx 15 Km/L in city and 18 Km/L on highways. Toyota Vitz tranmission/gears are Automatic/.

What is the real name of the Toyota Vitz?

Maruti Suzuki Celerio to be sold as Toyota Vitz in this country.