Triumphant College Objectives & Values

Triumphant College Objectives & Values

Objectives & Values

Maintain Superior Employee Relations

·         Communicate and implement the HR Policy

·         Continuously revise and improve HR Strategy and Policy

·         Strive to be the best company to work for

·         Encourage participatory decision making


Provide Excellent Client Services

·         Carry out research continuously to identify best client service norms

·         Offer relevant programmes relevant to the industry

·         Develop and implement a CRM system

·         Acquire adequate space


Implement Quality Assurance and Control in all processes

·         Review Policy, develop, communicate and implement a comprehensive Quality Assurance Plan

·         Continuously assess and improve the implementation plan


Ensure Prudent Financial Management and Control

·         Increase revenue by 10% annually

·         Increase profit margin by 5% annually

·         Reduce unit student operating costs by 5%

·         Diversify sources of funding

·         Continuously review and implement the Financial Policy


Re-engineer Processes and Systems

·         Design communicate and implement effective and efficient operational processes

·         Continuously review and improve operational processes


Forge Profitable and Effective Strategic Alliances

·         Identify partners and create a collaborative database

·         Enter into longterm collaboration agreements

·         Develop and implement a communication strategy with partners

·         Initiate and participate in corporate social responsibility activities that benefit the community


Our Values


·         Honesty

·         Credibility

·         Trustworthy

·         Professionalism

Service Excellence

·         Timeliness

·         Efficiency

·         Effectiveness

·         Exceed client expectations


·         Creativity

·         Initiative

Team Spirit

·         Unit of purpose

·         Togetherness


·         Working to the best of our abilities

·         Ownership of the strategic objectives