Triumphant College Vision & Mission

Triumphant College Vision & Mission

Our Vision

To become a recognised key partner in the country and the region in training, skills development and research for social economic development.

Our Mission

To use current technology, highly skilled staff and quality programmes to provide sought after graduates and services.

Our Motto

To achieve our Vision and Mission we are driven by the motto: “educate for empowerment- enabling individuals to empower the nation”.

With this motto Triumphant College works closely with a wide range of stakeholders to provide a wide range of programmes in commercial, managerial and engineering fields. These include Certificate, Diploma, Bachelor and Masters degrees in Human Resources, Accounting, Business, Electrical Engineering, Electronics Engineering, Telecom Engineering, Construction Engineering, Travel and Tourism, Computer Engineering and Information Technology, and Law. It is the intention of Triumphant College to develop and offer research degrees and have areas of excellence in research, while collaborating with industry in finding new solutions to technical problems- solutions which will impact the economic development of the country.