UNAM Distance Learning Courses Offered

The University of Namibia (UNAM) Distance Learning Courses Offered

The Centre for Open, Distance and eLearning (CODeL) operates as a dual-mode Centre with over 6000 registered distance and online mode students under the direct supervision of the Pro-Vice Chancellor: Academic Affairs within the University of Namibia. The Director of CODeL manages and coordinates all primary functions of the Centre, which include among others, for contextual purposes of this report, facilitating the development and implementation of distance, online, as well as blended learning courses and programmes through its three respective sections, Open and Distance Learning (ODL), eLearning and Administration in CODeL.

The Centre promotes the development and implementation of policies, procedures and standards for effective service delivery in Open, Distance and eLearning (ODeL).

The Centre is also responsible for identifying, writing and administering collaboration linkages and participates in on-going planning processes, which align to the Centre’s Strategic Objectives.

All activities of the Centre contribute to the overall achievement of the Centre’s mandate and it equally contributes to the University’s overall Vision and Mission.

Programmes Offered by the Centre


Bachelor of Accounting
Accounting and Auditing
Certificate in Accounting
Accounting and Auditing
Diploma in Accounting
Accounting and Auditing
Advance Diploma in Accounting
Adult Education
Bachelor of Education Honours
Business Administration
Diploma in Management Science
Business Administration
Advanced Diploma in Management Science
Business Administration
Bachelor of Business Administration
Educational Management And Leadership
Advanced Diploma in Education
English Access Course
Entrepreneurship and New Venture Management
Diploma in Management Science
Lifelong Learning And Community Education
Diploma in Education
Local Government
Diploma in Political And Administrative
Pre-Primary And Lower Primary
Bachelor of Education Honours
Bachelor of Education Honours
Taxation and Management
Certificate in Accounting
Upper primary
Bachelor of Education Honours


Accounting and Finance
Master of Science
Professional Diploma in Education
Professional Diploma in Education


Ms. Monika Nuuyoma
Administrative Assistant

+264 61 206 3177

(+264) 61 206 3361



Ms. Albertina Nelumbu
CODeL Helpdesk Officers

+264 66 262 6021


Mr Tyron Roos
CODeL Helpdesk Officers

+264 63 220 2039