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UNAM management made a historic decision to go “e”. That means a new era is emerging not only at UNAM but in Namibia, contributing to other existing e-initiatives in the country. This decision implies an evolution for UNAM. We are therefore calling on the entire UNAM community to embrace this revolution and join the University management in making the “e” era a reality at UNAM.

What does that mean for the lecturer and the student at UNAM? It implies embracing a culture of lifelong and flexible learning. For the lecturer, it means he/she will become a facilitator of student learning rather than the sole owner of knowledge. Students will have to be engaged more rigorously in their learning, taking ownership, while the lecturer takes on a coaching role.

We at the Centre for Open, Distance and eLearning  (CODeL) invite the entire UNAM community to join us moving forward.


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