University of Namibia Multidisciplinary Research Centre

University of Namibia Multidisciplinary Research Centre


About the Centre

In terms of UNAM statutes that created it, the MRC has the same status as a Faculty. The Centre was established to promote and conduct research and to strengthen research collaboration with UNAM faculties and stakeholders from public and private sectors as well as partners within the region and beyond. MRC recognizes the expertise within faculties and tap into it by including relevant faculty in research teams that are constituted for all research programmes. The current National Developmental Plan (NDP4, 2013-2017) addresses issues pertaining to economic development, and the sectors and enablers on which a vibrant economy can be sustainably based. The MRC strengthened its research efforts in such priority areas and is currently implementing research programmes as outlined in the 5-year research agenda. MRC’s research strategy is to provide relevant and accurate research information in various areas ranging from health, education, biodiversity, climate change, socio ecological systems, gender, IKS, etc. for policy decision making and programme interventions. A lot of resources are committed to undertaking research projects and to make our work worth the efforts.

The mandate of the MRC is to:

  • Conduct applied research directed at addressing social and scientific challenges in national development priority areas;
  • Promote multidisciplinary, collaborative research forming partnership at UNAM;
  • Promote and coordinate the implementation of specialized postgraduate research fellowships and capacity building in national priority areas;
  • Promote research, its outputs as well as raise awareness of its importance as a tool for developmental solutions value addition and product development;
  • Build capacity in research through postgraduate training and carry out teaching and advisory service for the public.

MRC Vision

To be an internationally recognized Center of Excellence for innovative, applied research in the fields of socio-economic and natural resource management and development of Namibian products based on local knowledge and resources.

MRC Mission

To implement social and scientific research and training activities and programs, that contributes to the development and mobilization of Namibian resources and expertise for national development.

MRC Strategy

The MRC exists to conduct applied research in national priority areas through collaborative research partnerships with local and international partners; benchmark quality of the research process and outputs through participation in international research networks as well as to increase relevance of research conducted through engagement with stakeholders and end users of research conducted through engagement with stakeholders and end users of research products.


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