University of Namibia (UNAM) Foundation

University of Namibia (UNAM) Foundation


About the Foundation

The University of Namibia Foundation was established in 1992 with a mandate to encourage private financial support to enable the University of Namibia to fulfil its mission as the national institute of higher education and to foster relationships and partnerships in the promotion of higher education. As a registered Trust, the Foundation is independent of the University of Namibia, but maintains close links through the connection of dreams and passions as partners to the mission of the University. It exists for the purpose of securing and administering private resources in support of academic programmes, student scholarships, faculty developments and public service initiatives at the University of Namibia to fill the gaps that the Government cannot reach.

The success of every university foundation is associated with its ability to transform lives through education. The University of Namibia not only transfers knowledge and skills required in order for students to succeed in the corporate fraternity, but it also strengthens their ability to think analytically and contribute to the economic development of the nation. Without sufficient funding to implement programmes and provide the required infrastructure, UNAM cannot succeed in the delivery of its mandate.


Gifts to the Foundation make it possible to transform lives – at education level and beyond. Donations and scholarships diversity bright young minds and offer desired opportunities by giving students the financial resources they need for success.

Partnerships with individuals, corporations, Universities as well as other Foundations grant chances to share excellence, wisdom and innovative ideas to achieve programmes that can make a significant impact on driving the nation to higher levels through tertiary education. In return, gifts prepare students to thrive in an increasingly competitive and global economy.

There are no limitations to ways of giving. Gifts qualify as alumni, cash, donations, endowed gifts, share equities, real estate properties, securities, in-kind gifts etc. Each type of gift makes an impact on current and future students as well as faculties at the University of Namibia. Gifts to the Foundation are tax deductible and can be used for a designated purpose or (when not specified) for the priorities of the University.

There are a number of ways in which donors can channel their contributions, namely:

  • the UNAM Foundation Endowment Fund for Research and Development;
  • naming opportunities over laboratories, lecture halls and the like;
  • academic chairs;
  • the UNAM Foundation Student Financial Assistance Scheme, which comprises of a loan scheme, a Student Hardship Fund, a Work-and-Study Programme, a book fund, and a bursary scheme; and
  • public/private commercial ventures

Companies and other qualifying organizations who contribute to the University through the Foundation will be issued a tax rebate certificate by the Foundation, in terms of the provisions of section 17 of the Income Tax Act, 1981, (Act 24 of 1981).

To ensure the future growth and development of our country, it is imperative that school leavers are given the opportunity to develop their skills and become active members of the professional workforce. It is equally imperative that the University delivers those academic programmes required to obtain the objectives of Vision 2030. Your support is vital in achieving this goal!


At UNAM Foundation, we believe that by implementing quality projects, we can make a significant impact on some of the challenges facing society. Issues such as poverty and inequality, climate change, community involvement, gender violence and education, require targeted interventions guided by innovative insights. As the national University in Namibia, it is our role to address these in a purposeful way, in order to make a tangible difference.

The University of Namibia gratefully acknowledges the sustained contributions from its partners and friends. Their support has made possible curriculum, staff and student transformation, improved student access to tertiary education, programmes that promote social engagement and community upliftment, as well as increased research capacity. This contribution made significant impacts on the life of many students who could not afford to settle their education and shaping their future. We remain grateful and indebted to those sacrificed their hard earned funds by allocating them to the future development of the next generation. It remains our wish that those who were assisted through this means, will come back to assist those behind them in education.

Thank you for helping UNAM to pursue its vision to engage with society in the creation and dissemination of knowledge, through teaching, research and advisory services, and a commitment to lifelong learning; thereby becoming a treasure house of knowledge at the service of national development, and available to all in forms directly relevant to the improvement of the quality of their lives.

The University of Namibia acknowledges with sincere thanks and gratitude the generous support of the following organisations and individuals during 2012 and 2013. Only donations processed by the UNAM Foundation are recorded.

  • Platinum (N$1 million plus)
  • Diamond (N$500,000 – N$999,999)
  • Gold (N$250,000 – N$499,999)
  • Silver (N$100,000 – N$249,999)
  • Bronze (N$50,000 – N$99,999)
  • Patron (N$25,000 – N$49,000)
  • Partner (N$10,000 – N$24,999)
  • Supporter (N$5,000 – N$9,999)
  • Friend (N$10 – N$4,999)


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