University Of Namibia Bachelor of Accounting (Chartered Accountancy)……………………………………………………………………. 3

University Of Namibia Bachelor of Accounting (Chartered Accountancy)……………………………………………………………………. 3

What is Bachelor of Accounting (Chartered Accountancy)……………………………………………………………………. 3?

It is only after qualifying all the three levels that the candidate will be given the designation of a CA. The ICAI is a statutory body which is responsible for regulating and maintaining the profession of chartered accountancy in India. The course of Chartered Accountancy is completed in roughly five years.

Entry Requirement:

To register for the Bachelor of Accounting (Chartered Accountancy), a candidate must hold a valid Namibia Senior Secondary Certificate (NSSC) or any other equivalent qualification. English is a compulsory subject and a candidate should have obtained grade C at NSSC (English as a Second Language) or grade D at NSSC (English First Language) level and at least a B in NSSC (Ordinary level) Mathematics. Preference will be given to those with accountancy at school level.

  • A candidate should have a minimum of 30 points in five subjects on the UNAM Evaluation Scale.
  • Entrance will be limited to availability of places and awarded on merit. Meeting minimum requirements does not guarantee admission.
  • The department reserves the right to interview students before admission.
  • Admission could also be considered for foreign students and those with post qualification (first degree) or through mature age entry scheme upon successful completion of the relevant examinations as set out in the General Regulations.
  • They should be at least 25 years old on the first day of the academic year in which admission is sought.
  • They should have successfully competed senior secondary education
  • They should have proof of at least five years relevant work experience (as determined by the department).
  • They should pass all papers of the prescribed Mature Age Entry Test and obtain a minimum aggregate score of 60%.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is chartered accountant a bachelor’s degree?

If you have joined the Intermediate Course via the Foundation route, you need to complete an 8-month study period before appearing for the exam. For direct route entrants, a 9-month practical training or Articleship is mandatory in order to be eligible for the exam.

What level is a chartered accountant?

The AAT qualification is typically the minimum level expected of an accountant, but to ultimately become a chartered accountant, you’ll have to progress to the ACCA, ACA or CIMA qualifications. Although many accountants hold a university degree, it’s often desirable rather than essential.

What is the highest level of accountancy?

Certified Public Accountant. Certified Public Accountants (CPAs) are upper-level accountants who are recognized as experts in an organization’s accounting records, taxes and financial standing.

What exactly does a Chartered Accountant do?

Chartered accountants are professionals who work in various sectors of the economy, managing the finances of an entity, providing financial advice and helping out with money management. This can be for a business, individual or government

Can I call myself a chartered accountant?

Members of certain overseas accountancy bodies may describe themselves as chartered accountants and use the letters ACA or FCA as long as they include the name of the country in which they gained their qualification.

Is Cima a chartered accountant?

Both CIMA qualifications and ACCA qualifications are widely recognised. CIMA-qualified accountants are entitled to use the designation of Chartered Global Management Accountant (CGMA), which makes you part of an international network that will earn you recognition wherever you go.

Is chartered accountant hard?

The exam is not very hard. It can be attempted by students who have completed 12th standard, graduates and professionals. The syllabus and examination are modelled in a way that even students can crack them. But, still, it is considered as one of the hardest tests to crack in India.

Is CA and CPA same?

The main difference between CAs and CPAs is that the CPA is a designation used in the United States, while CA is used in many other countries. If these CA professionals pass a test, their qualifications can transfer to the United States, where they may work as CPAs.

Is CA a stressful job?

Ans: No, pursuing CA is not a stressful job. Candidates opted for CA has to do hard work for preparing for the CA exams. They need to devote more of their time to preparations.

Is CA a government job?

Can Chartered Accountants have a government job? The answer to the question invariably is Yes. Chartered Accountants and especially experienced ones can get a government job along with good salary packages.

Is CA a bad course?

CA is considered the toughest course throughout the world with an average passing percentage of 0.5%. It has been believed that only 5 out of 1000 entrants are able to qualify the CA Final exam. The passing percentage of CFA is higher as compared to CA.

Why do students fail CA exams?

Most of the students don’t give due value to the theory in the practical subject. So right amount of theory preparation in practical subjects is equally important. These are some of the main reasons why the CA students fail to clear their exams even after doing every bit of the hard work required.

Is it tough to get job after CA?

Generally YES. But don’t get disheartened. After becoming CA people generally find it difficult to get the job they want. This is due to mismatch between expectation and reality which may constitute factors like job profile, pay, location, company profile etc.

Is CA degree equivalent to graduation?

Since Chartered Accountancy course will be considered as equivalent to the Post Graduate degree, it will aid CA members, who are aspiring to go overseas for higher studies and/or for seeking professional opportunities abroad.”

Is CA equivalent to Masters?

The Institute of Chartered Accountants of India (ICAI) has announced that the Chartered Accountant (CA) Qualification will be considered Equivalent to Master’s Degree.The University Grants Commission has resolved that CA Qualification will be treated equivalent to PG Degree based on requests submitted from the ICAI.