University of Namibia Bachelor of Arts: English (Honours)

University of Namibia Bachelor of Arts: English (Honours)

What is Bachelor of Arts: English (Honours)?

BA English Hons is a 3 year undergraduate course which comes under the field of humanities and arts. BA English (Hons) syllabus teaches the students about the development of the English language and literature into modern society through drama, poetry, novel and plays.

Entry Requirement:

The prospective candidate must:

  • Have obtained a minimum of 25 points in his/her five (5) best) subjects
  • Hold a valid Namibian Senior Secondary Certificate (NSSC) (Ordinary or Higher) or a recognised equivalent qualification
  • Have obtained a minimum B symbol in English if it was taken as a second language at NSSC (O level) or a minimum C symbol in English if it was taken as a first language at NSSC (O level).

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Bachelor of Arts Honours English?

The B.A. English (Hons) program aims to provide students with an opportunity to read and respond to novels, plays, and poetry across different genres. Also, students study a variety of literature, socio-cultural, and political issues concerning contemporary English.

Is English Honours same as BA?

On the simple BA English base you can teach up to middle but with special English literature you can teach the PG students. And more important an honours degree in English literature is a specialised degree in that particular subject. It is more intensive and more subject focussed.

Is BA English or BA English Honours better?

This degree provides excellent preparation for employment and acts as a foundation for a wide variety of careers. Bachelor of Arts BA in English (Honours) is the more rigorous and academically involved course, and most people who are serious about a career in academics (or even journalism) take it up.

Can I study MBA after BA English?

Yes, MBA after BA English is possible! All you need to do is maintain a minimum of 50% in your UG degree to take MBA entrance exams. Based on the scores you get, apply at top MBA colleges.

What is the difference between BA English and BA Communicative English?

While BA Communicative English provides an in-depth knowledge of the English language, BA with English only focuses on a surface-level understanding of the language.

What is the difference between BA English and BA functional English?

A course in English literature is designed for academic study of English as well as language skills at the workplace. … The main focus of Functional English is on how English is used in real-life situations. Its curriculum is designed for perfection in reading, writing, listening and speaking.

Is English Honours a good career?

An English Honours degree is an ideal match for a career in journalism. Since this field involves critical thinking, awareness of one’s environment, and great communication skills, it’s a perfect match for an English Honours graduate. A journalist is one career that will put your writing and editing skills to the test!

Why should I choose English Honours?

English Honours teach you that everything in the world today that has ever existed, exists, or will exist is rooted in history and cannot be independent of it’s past. … English Honours doesn’t just expand your vocabulary, it also expands your vision and teaches you that meanings move beyond dictionaries.

How many subjects are there in English Honours?

The BA English (Honours) program consists of 29 courses covered in six semesters spread over three years. The students are required to take 4 Honours electives during the sixth semester and a Dissertation.

Can I do English Honours after 12th?

BA English Hons is a 3-year undergraduate course provided by all the major institutes and colleges in India. Eligibility for the course is that the students should have completed HSC (class 12th) with a minimum of 50% marks.

What are the jobs for English literature?

Other common careers with an English degree include librarianship, archiving, bookselling, information and research, tourism, events management, social work, youth work, probation work, human resources, retail management and sales.

How many semesters are there in BA English?

The BA English course is a two-year program consisting of 4 semesters. It covers Literary Criticism, Drama, Fiction, Poetry, American Literature, Canadian Literature, Indian English Literature, etc. Depending on the course modules, each college may have its topics and subjects.

What is Master degree in English?

A Master in English Literature is a graduate degree that typically studies written English language narratives in relation to their literary and cultural contexts. Many graduates also often find employment in the fields of media, journalism, writing and publishing.

What is BA English language and literature?

BA in English Language and Literature is a 3-year undergraduate program that provides the students an insight to the world of literature and some of the major literary works. BA in English Language and Literature also enhances the linguistics capability of the students.

What are the subjects in BA English literature?

  • English language.
  • History of English literature.
  • Mass communication and journalism.
  • American Literature.
  • Indian writing in English.
  • Romantic age.
  • Modern age.
  • New Literature.