University Of Namibia Bachelor of Science in Mathematics (Physics) (Honours)

University Of Namibia Bachelor of Science in Mathematics (Physics) (Honours)

What is Bachelor of Science in Mathematics (Physics) (Honours)?

A BS in Math and Physics typically focuses on the fundamental concepts in math via studies in mathematical analysis, along with the basic laws of physics through practical lab experiments. Many programs require the completion of lab practicums.


To register for a B.Sc. in Physics (Honours), a candidate needs to have obtained at least a C-symbol in both NSSC Mathematics and NSSC Physical Science (or equivalent qualifications)

To register for a B.Sc. in Mathematics (Honours), a candidate needs to have obtained at least a C-symbol in NSSC Mathematics. . To register for a B.Sc. in Financial Mathematics (Honours), a candidate needs to have obtained at least a B-symbol in NSSC Mathematics. English is a compulsory subject and should normally have been obtained as a Second Language at NSSC (O level) with a minimum C symbol or English as a First Language at NSSC (O level) with a minimum D symbol. In addition, a minimum C symbol in Physical Science is required for a candidate choosing the Physics Stream.

A candidate should obtain a minimum of 25 points on the UNAM Evaluation Point Scale in his/her five (5) best subjects (of which Mathematics and English must be included) to be admitted to undergraduate studies (Refer to the General Admission Criteria for Undergraduate Programmes in the General Information and Regulations Yearbook). Obtaining the minimum number of points, however, does not necessarily ensure admission. Admission is based on places available in courses, subjects and programmes and is awarded on the basis of merit.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is mathematical physics degree?

Physics uses maths to make predictions, and many mathematical areas have been developed to solve physical problems. This degree explores mathematical topics and how they appear throughout theoretical physics. You’ll study particle physics, astrophysics and quantum field theory.

What can I do with a maths and physics degree?

  • Technical writer.
  • Chemical engineer.
  • Meteorologist.
  • Data analyst.
  • Systems analyst.
  • Civil engineer.
  • Design engineer.
  • Process engineer.

What is the difference between theoretical physics and mathematical physics?

Mathematical physics refers to the development of mathematical methods for application to problems in physics. … Theoretical physics is a branch of physics that employs mathematical models and abstractions of physical objects and systems to rationalize, explain and predict natural phenomena.

What is a Bachelor of Science in mathematics?

This course is designed to develop a mathematical education, both as an entity in itself and as a subject that is applicable to social and scientific fields. … The program is flexible with different options for the students.

What is a bachelor of science in physics?

This program prepares students for professional work as a physicist, and is the first step to graduate work in physics. It is also excellent preparation for graduate programs in medicine, law or engineering, as well as for technical jobs in industry.

Is a BA or BS in physics better?

The BS degree in physics is the foundation degree for students interested in pursuing further study of physics or a closely related field in graduate school. … Students obtaining the BA degree generally use physics as a background for study in other fields.

What is the difference between a BA and a BS in physics?

A B.S. signifies that you have primarily focused on the sciences and not much else. A B.A. signifies that you had requirements to learn other subjects in the “liberal arts,” such as having foreign language, history, social sciences, literature, or other sorts of core requirements to get a more “well-rounded” education.

What is Bachelor of Science in mathematics and computer science?

Bachelor of science Mathematics and Computer Science at Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology(JKUAT) is designed to equip students with the mathematical tools needed to understand modern areas of computer science such as algorithms, graphics, robotics and computer vision.

What jobs can you get with a bachelors in physics?

  • Accelerator Operator.
  • Applications Engineer.
  • Data Analyst.
  • Design Engineer.
  • High School Physics Teacher.
  • IT Consultant.
  • Lab Technician.
  • Laser Engineer.

Can I be an engineer with a physics degree?

The physics degree allows you to easily pursue a career in any aspect of physics, engineering, molecular biology, microbiology, analytical and physical chemistry, medical science, space exploration, and—YES—market analysis. … Research Engineer. Materials Scientist / Engineer. R&D Engineer / Scientist.

Is mathematical physics math or physics?

In fact mathematical physics is a theoretical physics ,which is more mathematical modeling, just like physical mathematics,a math with full physical concepts and problems dealing with.

How can I be a good math physicist?

Pursue a double major at the undergraduate level in physics and math. If you do well and have the math aptitude then pursue a graduate degree in physics with focus in a particular specialty. At that point you can pursue that from a theoretical approach.

Is physics a math or science credit?

Physics. Physics is most often taken by students who are more confident in their scientific and math abilities, who are planning to study science or math in the future, and/or who want to get into more competitive colleges. Physics frequently requires higher-level math skills (i.e., algebra and above).

Is physics math hard?

It’s not difficult to grasp physics concepts. It’s not difficult to solve the math. … People tend to forget that physics is like anything else: it’s only difficult while you don’t know much. Once you understand what’s going on, you just have to do the work and before you know it, you’ll know physics.

What type of physics uses the most math?

General relativity and the attempts being made to unify it with the standard model (m-theory and loop quantum gravity) almost assuredly use the most difficult math.