University of Namibia Bachelor of Science in Military Science (Nautical) (Honours)

University of Namibia Bachelor of Science in Military Science (Nautical) (Honours)

What is Bachelor of Science in Military Science (Nautical) (Honours)?

The program of bachelor’s degree in military science offers common courses in Military History, Civilization and War, combined with Military Leadership, Foreign Policy.

Entry Requirement:

  • Candidates must be approved by the Ministry of Defence.
  • All BSc Military Science (Aeronautical, Army and Nautical) candidates must hold a valid Namibian Senior Secondary Certificate (NSSC) (ordinary or higher) or a recognized equivalent qualification.
  • English is a compulsory subject and should normally have been obtained as a Second Language at NSSC (O-level) with a C-symbol as minimum requirement, or English as a First Language at NSSC (O-level) with a D-symbol as a minimum.
  • Students require at least a symbol C on NSSC or equivalent qualification in Mathematics.
  • The admission can also be considered for persons who qualify through the Mature Age Entry Scheme upon successful completion of the relevant examinations as set out in the General Information and Regulations of the University of Namibia.
  • A candidate should obtain a minimum of 25 points on the University of Namibia’s Evaluation Point Scale in his/her five (5) best subject (of which Mathematics and English must be included) to be admitted to undergraduate studies. Refer to the General Admission Criteria for Undergraduate Programmes in the General Information and Regulations Yearbook.
  • All fourth years are required to do research projects: AER3810, ARM3810 and NAV3810(prerequisite for this course the student should have passed all third year courses).

Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I study nautical science in Namibia?

The Namibian Maritime Fisheries Institute (NAMFI) is Namibia’s premier training institution for all seagoing personnel. This website contains information about our services, courses, departments, and safety training.

What jobs can you get with a military science degree?

Military science students can pursue work as military analysts, information security specialists, law enforcement officers, and operations research analysts.

What is nautical Science course?

Nautical Science is the study of the basic academic and practical devices required to safely navigate and operate marine vehicles, such as a ship. Marine engineering is a field that involves knowledge of every machinery of ship boards and their operation. Course Duration. 3 years.

Is nautical science a good career?

The candidate who completes his/her bachelors in nautical science has great scope to work in both the government and private sector. The candidate gets a chance to work for navy ships and know about the structure of the ship while studying a nautical science course.

How many years does it take to study nautical science?

Nautical Science is a three years course that results in an undergraduate degree or diploma after which the student joins a ship as a trainee cadet officer (commonly referred to as a deck cadet).

What is the benefits of nautical science?

Study in nautical science can create opportunities for jobs as a marine engineer or navigation officer. Major Opportunities include becoming a deck or navigation officer. One can opt for a three-year B.Sc. Nautical Science or Maritime Science course approved by the Director- General of Shipping (DGS).

What are the jobs after BSC nautical science?

  • Navigation Officer.
  • Operation Manager.
  • Marine Engineer.
  • Captain.
  • Radio Officer.
  • Oceanographer.
  • Port Operations officer.
  • Instructor.

Where can I study nautical science?

  • IMU Navi Mumbai Indian Maritime University.
  • IMU Chennai Indian Maritime University.
  • The Great Eastern Institute of Maritime Studies – GEIMS.
  • P Marine Academy, Belapur.
  • Tolani Maritime Institute, Pune.

Which is better BSC Nautical science or Diploma in Nautical science?

If you want to work in Merchant Navy or related then Diploma in Nautical science course is better as there is no much difference in both the courses. You also spend less money and less time in studying in college.

Is BSC in Nautical science tough?

In B.Sc Nautical Science, the syllabus is different than of B. … Tech in marine engineering is definitely tougher as it requires on to study the basics to advance level of mechanics of marine Science.

How can I get admission in nautical science?

A candidate should pass 10+2 in the Science stream with Physics, Maths and Chemistry (PMC) and should have obtained 60% of marks. He/She should have obtained a minimum of 50% of marks at 10th or 12th standard. Candidates should be between 17-25 years of age at the time of commencement of the course.

Can girls do nautical science?

Yes ofcourse girls can do diploma in nautical science through Indian maritime university. You have to take IMU entrance exam and finally One year of diploma in any D.G Shipping approved institute .

What can I do after Diploma in Nautical science?

After finishing a Diploma in Nautical Science course the candidate can become a training cadet. They may appear for the 2nd Mate Exam after completing 18 months of sea duty. After passing it, one might advance to the rank of 2nd Officer. It is also possible to work on cruise ships.

What is the difference between nautical science and marine engineering?

In simple explanation, marine engineering are for vessel engine and machineries including electrical maintenance and repair, they are part of engine department headed by chief Engineer; while nautical science deals in vessel safe voyages, cargo handling and stowage, ballasting, vessel’s safety,etc.

Is entrance exam necessary for BSc Nautical Science?

Qualifying in IMUCET as well as TMISAT is mandatory for admission. Male candidates born on or after 1st September 2000 are eligible to apply for the 2021 batch.

How can I get sponsorship for nautical science diploma?

First of all, sponsorship means receiving a confirmation letter from a company (after passing their tests, interview and medical tests) stating that you will go on board one of their ships after 1 year, in case of DNS. See if you do dns then you will get 1 yrs diploma certificate.