University of Namibia Diploma in Business Administration

University of Namibia Diploma in Business Administration

What is Diploma in Business Administration?

This qualification is aimed at learners working within a business and administration role who wish to improve their knowledge and skills in a variety of work environments and sectors. It forms the knowledge and competency requirements of the Intermediate Apprenticeship Framework in Business Administration.

Entry Requirement:

An applicant should be in possession of a minimum Grade 12 certificate, with a minimum of 22 points infive subjects on the UNAM point scale including English with at least a D symbol.

Admission could also be considered for persons who qualify through the Mature Age Entry Scheme uponsuccessful completion of the relevant examinations as set out in the General Information and Regulations Prospectus. A special application is available for this purpose.

Frequently Asked Questions

What do you learn in business administration level2?

You will develop essential knowledge of how to carry out every day and more complex administrative tasks, such as managing information, organising travel and supporting events. You will gain an understanding of employment rights, working with others and customer service in a business environment.

What job can I get with Business Administration Level 2?

This course can lead you into jobs in a variety of business environments, in both the private and public sectors, including business services assistant, project officer, finance assistant, client services officer, human resources advisor, marketing assistant, customer services advisor, and business administrator.

What can you do with a diploma in business administration?

  • Business Development Associate.
  • Marketing Associate.
  • Account Manager.
  • Administrative Assistant.
  • Financial Administrator.
  • Human Resources Coordinator.
  • Sales Representative.

What is Level 3 Business Administration?

Level 3 is ideal if you have some knowledge and experience of administration systems. You want to develop your skills to implement and monitor administrative procedures and systems, perhaps to move into a management role. There are two qualifications available at Level 3: NVQ Diploma in Business and Administration.

What is level2 administration?

Telephonist – Level 2″ means a person whose major function (i.e. 60 per cent or more) is spent operating a switchboard or similar equipment and who is required to perform routine clerical duties and/or handle monies.

What is a diploma degree?

a “Diploma”, a qualification granted by vocational education and training (VET) sector or university. It is typically completed with 12 to 18 months of full-time study. When accepted for credit as part of a bachelor’s degree, it is usually deemed to be equivalent to the first year of the degree.

What is a diploma in business administration?

The Diploma in Business Administration provides students with a knowledge base and the ability to apply their knowledge and skills in Business Management. a vocational career in Economic, Public Management, Human Resource Management or Supply Chain Management.

Which is better business administration or management?

Business administration tends to be a better fit if you are looking to start an entry-level business career. If your career plans include management or operations — or if you’re already fairly well-established in your career — you may be better suited for business management.

Is Business Administration a good qualification?

Qualifications in business administration can develop your personal skills, meaning you will gain confidence in dealing with people within the workplace. If you’re a hands on person and enjoy dealing with practical problem solving challenges, a business admin course is likely to be perfect for you.

Why do you want a job in business administration?

Business administration is a smart choice for securing a successful future as it can open doors to a variety of career options. Students can develop career-specific skills that improve their employability and can help them enter many different fields ranging from healthcare administration to corporate management.

Can I get a job with a Diploma?

Polytechnic Diploma is a technical degree that can get you a good job on its own. However, in order to win more diverse career opportunities and be eligible for high-level jobs, graduation or further studies is a must.

What do you learn in Diploma of business?

Are you wondering what can a business diploma get you? You gain the fundamentals of business law, economics, marketing, and human resource management; plus broad skills in strategic management, business information analysis, and project management.

How long is a Level 3 diploma?

The Level 3 BTEC Extended Diploma is a full time 2 year course of study which will develop specialist knowledge, practical skills and understanding within a vocational area and gives you a qualification which is the equivalent to three A Levels.

Is diploma good or bad?

With respect to how the word sounds bold, diploma is good enough for students who are not planning to pursue graduation in future. It is also a great path for students who are financially weaker and would want to wrap their education with a decent technical faculty.

Is a business management diploma worth it?

You will be in demand – Having a diploma in business management gives you a competitive edge. Improved business skills – Another great benefit that comes with having a diploma in business management is the skill set you gain. You will be able to make financial decisions and analyse all types of data with ease.