University of Namibia Diploma in Entrepreneurship and New Venture Management

University of Namibia Diploma in Entrepreneurship and New Venture Management

What is Diploma in Entrepreneurship and New Venture Management?

We define entrepreneurship as the social process of realizing an innovation by means of a new venture. … The definition also encompasses what we think of as social ventures if their goal is to realize an innovation designed to create a social good.


To register for the Entrepreneurship and New Venture Management Diploma, a candidate must hold a valid NSSC Certificate or any other relevant qualification. English is a compulsory subject and should normally be obtained at NSSC (English as a second Language) grade D.

A candidate should obtain a minimum of 22 points in five subjects on the UNAM Point Scale to be admitted.

However, if the minimum of 22 points is obtained, it does not necessary ensure and or guarantee admission. Entrance is based on availability of places within the department and awarded on the basis of merit.

The Faculty reserves the right to interview students before admission.

Admission could also be considered per persons who qualify through Mature Age Entry Scheme upon successful completion of the relevant examinations as set out in the General Regulations. A special application form is available for this purpose. Please read this in conjunction with the Academic Conditions in the General Information and Regulations Yearbook

Frequently Asked Questions

What is an entrepreneurship venture?

By definition, entrepreneurship is the activity of setting up a business or businesses, in response to a need or opportunity seen in society. … Then, an entrepreneurial venture is when an organization pursues opportunities and new practices in order to have growth and profitability as its main goals.

What is entrepreneurship and business management all about?

Our Business Management and Entrepreneurship programs will provide you with the skills required to plan, set up and run your own business. Develop your understanding of key concepts such as managing people, operations, logistics, marketing and finance.

What is a New venture Creation course?

The purpose of the NQF level 2 New Venture Creation qualification is to provide a basis for structured programmes, for potential and existing entrepreneurs to capitalise on opportunities to start and grow sustainable businesses that form part of the mainstream economy, enabling the learners to tender for business

Can entrepreneur make you rich?

So, yes, it’s uncommon for entrepreneurship to make you rich, at least in the material sense. But being an entrepreneur comes with a host of other benefits: Fulfillment. For many, entrepreneurship is about fulfilling an inner desire to build something, lead a team, or leave behind a legacy for one’s children.

Is entrepreneurship a good career?

Entrepreneurship as a profession gives a great sense of independence & remarkable amount of job satisfaction. … As an entrepreneur, you can start up your own business but if you are not ready to begin your own business, there are also other options available to use your entrepreneurship degree.

How do I start a career in entrepreneurship?

  • Identify a problem.
  • Expand your formal and informal education.
  • Build your network.
  • Reach financial stability.
  • Solve the problem with a business idea.
  • Test the idea.
  • Raise money.

What is the benefits of studying entrepreneurship?

Entrepreneurial education and training provides individuals with the ability to recognize commercial opportunities, self‐esteem, knowledge and skills to act on them. It includes instruction in opportunity recognition, commercializing a concept, managing resources, and initiating a business venture.

Why do entrepreneurs start companies?

Many successful entrepreneurs started businesses because of their obsession with creation. They recognize that their ability to turn nothing into something tangible that’ll help or entertain others motivates them to create more.

What is the problem of entrepreneurship?

1. Cash Flow Management. The challenge: Cash flow is essential to small business survival, yet many entrepreneurs struggle to pay the bills (let alone themselves) while they’re waiting for checks to arrive. Part of the problem stems from delayed invoicing, which is common in the entrepreneurial world.

What is a generic qualification?

generic qualification means a qualification that addresses knowledge, skills and competence that are broadly applicable to the financial services industry, without addressing any specific type of narrow specialisation relating to a specific subcategory; Sample 1.

What is generic course?

Generic Courses are the ones that meet the requirements of most organizations around the world in terms of skill set. The right course picked from the right college can ensure that your career scales towards your aspirations.

Can I do BBA in entrepreneurship?

BBA in Entrepreneurship is a three-year undergraduate programme in the field of Business Management. It can be simply summed up as a field that enables the candidate to be a good entrepreneur or a businessman. The skills that make a good entrepreneur are a knack for innovation, and financial and business acumen.

What qualifications do you need to be an entrepreneur?

  1. Highly developed organisational and interpersonal skills.
  2. Unshakeable self-belief and confidence in ideas.
  3. Adaptability, objectivity and honesty (especially if/when things don’t quite go to plan)
  4. Innovation and originality.

Do entrepreneurs have a career?

Although many entrepreneurs use their skills to create and run a company, others pursue a related job like business manager, finance manager, financial analyst, or chief executive officer.

What do entrepreneurs study in college?

The majority of entrepreneurial degrees incorporate the fundamentals covered in a typical business degree such as accounting, management and basic marketing. In addition, they specifically address aspects like creating business plans, building up startup capital and developing clients.