University of Namibia Doctor of Philosophy in Media Studies

University of Namibia Doctor of Philosophy in Media Studies

What is Doctor of Philosophy in Media Studies?

PhD in Media Studies is a doctoral-level program offered by a number of colleges and universities across India. … The focus of the course is to get a critical understanding of the field of media and how it influences the society, the culture of the people, politics and in turn the economy of a country.

Entry Requirement:

Language requirements: English Proficiency
Academic requirements:

  • Masters Degree
  • Masters Degree Transcript
  • Years of Experience (If applicable)


  1. Masters Degree and Masters Degree Transcript
  2. Evidence of English Language Proficiency (if applicable)
  3. Passport Copy

Frequently Asked Questions

What can I do with a PhD in Media Studies?

Career prospects for graduates in media studies and mass media include roles such as journalist, media planner, broadcast producer, market researcher, social media manager, public relations consultant, copywriter, and others. View all PhDs in Media Studies & Mass Media.

Is there a PhD in Media Studies?

Digital media doctorate programs provide students with the skills necessary for the many careers based on digital media. A Ph. degree in digital media is designed to train students in both the theory and practice of digital media studies.

Is media studies a good degree?

Media degrees were dominated by academic theory and journalism degrees were vocational. … Media studies is still good at analysis and research, but now good courses do practice as well.

Is media a good career?

Yes, mass communication is a good career option which gives you a various career option like Radio, PR, Journalism, Film making and many more. … But if a piece of certain information is needed to be reached out to a large part of people at a time, then it is called Mass Communication.

How can I do PhD in mass communication?

  1. Candidate must have completed their post-graduation in Journalism and Mass Communication from a recognized university.
  2. They should also have a minimum percentage of 55% to pursue a PhD.

Can you get a PhD in public relations?

Doctorate in Public Relations and Advertising programs are the highest level of degree one could achieve in the parent field of marketing. PhD students are usually asked to forge new theories, understand global trends, and problem solve in their industry.

Is media studies a useless a level?

Film studies, media studies and drama have been ranked among the most “pointless degrees” according to new research. … Film studies, media studies and drama have been ranked among the most “pointless degrees” according to new research.

How do I get a job in the media industry?

To get any sort of entry level job in the media you almost always need relevant – often unpaid – work experience, and often a portfolio of your own work. Be aware that, if you go to university, you may still need to do work experience after you graduate, even if you’ve already got plenty of it on your CV.

What do you study in media studies?

Students who take media studies courses or declare a media studies major analyze how the industries, practices, and content of mass media — which include radio, TV, film, newspapers, magazines, books, popular music, digital gaming, the internet, and social media — shape our perspectives of the world around us.

What subjects are needed for media studies?

If you didn’t study it, don’t worry, as the most common subjects in media studies applications are English language and English literature. Psychology and sociology are also useful, but it’s your passion for media that most universities will be looking for.

Is PhD or MD higher?

MD and Phd are both higher degrees. MD stands for Doctor of Medicine, and Phd stands for Doctor of philosophy. The first difference that can be mentioned of the two, is that MD is associated with treating patients, and Phd is related to a doctor’s degree in other fields. … Phd is completely research oriented.

Is there a PhD in communications?

A Communication PhD is a social science, requiring intensive research of the processes and effects of communication. Many graduates holding a Communication PhD go on to careers in academia, research, or communication related positions where strong research skills are required.

How many years PhD in mass communication?

The doctorate in mass communication, in general, is designed to be completed in three- to four-years of full-time study. However, many graduate programs may extend the timeline to finish, which (in most cases) is eight years of study.

Is media a soft subject?

It lists examples as media studies, art and design, photography and business studies, and suggests the “soft” subjects are those with a vocational or practical bias.

Is digital media a good degree?

For those who want several career options in a number of industries, a digital media degree may be a good choice. Digital media is the study of using creative strategies to communicate with others through modern media.