University of Namibia Doctor of Philosophy in Social Work

University of Namibia Doctor of Philosophy in Social Work

What is Doctor of Philosophy in Social Work?

PhD in Social Work: A doctor of philosophy heavily emphasizes research and educational practices. DSW graduates typically seek careers as social service leadership and administration or as an extension of their social work practice as a licensed social worker.

Entry Requirement:

Language requirements: English Proficiency
Academic requirements:

  • Masters Degree
  • Masters Degree Transcript
  • Years of Experience (If applicable)


  1. Masters Degree and Masters Degree Transcript
  2. Evidence of English Language Proficiency (if applicable)
  3. Passport Copy

Frequently Asked Questions

Are you a Doctor with a DSW?

Both are doctoral degrees. Both advance an individual in their social work education and, ideally, careers. The difference lies in the focus of the programs. “A DSW is a practice doctorate in social work, including practice at the leadership or management level.

Is a social work PhD worth it?

The Doctorate in Social Work is a great option for those who intend to take on a leadership or administrative role in social work. … It’s important to understand, however, that a DSW degree is almost never required in order for social workers to become fully licensed and certified in their field.

Can you be a psychologist with a PhD in social work?

A clinical psychology Ph. D. is a natural next step in your education if you already have a master’s degree in social work (MSW). With a Ph. D., you’ll learn clinical skills and can become a licensed psychologist.

Can I do PhD after MSW?

PhD in Social work is a doctoral degree, offered to those who want to pursue a career in research. … Students looking for a degree after MSW (Masters in Social Work) can pursue Doctorate in Social Work degree (DSW), while those who are inclined towards research can opt for a PhD.

Why should I get a DSW?

As opposed to an MSW degree, a DSW degree may provide additional knowledge for those looking to advance their careers as a social work leader, researcher or administrator. Whether or not a DSW degree is worth it for you depends on your own career goals and time available to dedicate to a post-graduate degree.

What can I study after MSW?

  • Certificate in Therapeutic Skills for Helping Professions (Counseling)
  • Certificate Course in Advanced Social Research Methodology.
  • Certificate Course in Social Perspective in Disaster Management

Can social workers become psychologists?

Obtaining a doctoral degree in psychology such as a Psy. D. is a natural option after you already have earned your Master’s degree in Social Work (MSW). With your doctoral degree in psychology, you will learn essential clinical skills so that you can eventually earn licensure as a psychologist.

Can I become a psychologist with a social work degree?

Therefore, it is smart to consider whether you have a strong need to get this additional education before you invest more time and money into your career. With a social work degree you will be able to do most of what a psychologist can do.

Is DSW accredited?

Full-time students can complete this DSW program in as few as seven semesters or three years. The school is regional accreditation from the Southern Association of Schools and Colleges Commission on Colleges (SACSCOC).

Is social work and psychology the same thing?

Social workers contribute to the human services field by providing holistic solutions to the social, behavioral, economic or health problems faced by their clients. Whereas, psychologists focus their efforts specifically on helping their patients address potentially damaging mental health issues.

Is social work a good career?

Reality: There are opportunities for social workers to climb a successful and rewarding career ladder, in all areas of the profession. … The truth is, anyone can make a fantastic social worker as long as they have the right skills, attributes and qualifications, regardless of gender, age or background.

Is a clinical social worker a doctor?

Unlike a doctor, an LCSW cannot prescribe medication. LCSWs have the ability to provide psychotherapy to their clients, however, their training focuses on connecting their clients with the skills and resources needed to meet their needs.

Do you call a PsyD a doctor?

Is someone with a PsyD a doctor? Yes, as a doctorate-holder, a person who has earned a PsyD could definitely refer to themselves as “Dr.,” though it’s good to note that PsyDs are not medical doctors and in most states cannot prescribe medication or conduct medical treatments.

Do social workers get paid well?

The annual median salary for social workers is $49,470, according to May 2018 data from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS). This is not an average salary. The median is the midpoint of a distribution of salaries. The lowest 10% of social workers earned less than $30,750 per year in 2018, according to the BLS.

Do social workers work 9 5?

Many social care jobs are outside the typical working hours of 9-5 Monday- Friday and many offer flexible working hours or the opportunity to work part-time. There are many different areas within social care, the main ones being: Children and families. Learning and disability.