University of Namibia Doctor of Philosophy (Public Health)

University of Namibia Doctor of Philosophy (Public Health)

What is Doctor of Philosophy (Public Health)?

DrPH, Dr.PH. or D.P.H.; Latin doctor publica sanitas) is a doctoral degree awarded in the field of Public Health. DrPH is an advanced and terminal degree that prepares its recipients for a career in advancing public health practice, leadership, research, teaching, or administration.

Entry Requirement:

Language requirements: English Proficiency
Academic requirements:

  • Masters Degree
  • Masters Degree Transcript
  • Years of Experience (If applicable)


  1. Masters Degree and Masters Degree Transcript
  2. Evidence of English Language Proficiency (if applicable)
  3. Passport Copy

Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I study public health in Namibia?

The Bachelor of Science in Public Health (Honours) to be offered by the new School of Public Health in the Faculty of Health Sciences consists of taught courses and practicals at NQF Level 8. The minimum duration of the programme is 4 Years of full-time study and is only based at the Oshakati Campus.

What is the scope of masters in public health?

A master’s degree in public health brings in more job and career opportunities in the domain of social work. You can surely work at hospitals and other health facilities area that handles notions like wellness, illness, nutrition, and complete health consciousness.

What subjects are under public health?

Public Health is a subject that focuses on improving global health. Public Health specialists use the latest research, education and public policies to make sure we all stay healthy and safe from epidemics, food or water poisoning, or other health risks.

Where can public health work?

Health care organizations – Public health professionals can also join hospital, healthcare systems, long-term care facilities where they work on educating the people about diseases and perform researches.

Where do public health workers work?

Public Health professionals work in many different settings, including state and local health departments, hospitals, health clinics, universities, laboratories and schools.

Does noun offer public health?

Public Health Information , Education & Communication. Environmental health / Occupational health. Human nutrition. Health Systems Management & Administration.

How many years is Masters in noun?

Masters Degree which takes 12 months to 18 months to complete it and is considered to be the equivalent of the MA qualification.

Do I need work experience for MPH degree applications?

A few schools may require at least one year full-time work experience related to public health and most schools don’t specify this requirement in their admissions. However, it’s recommended applicants should have at least some internship or volunteer experiences prior to MPH applications. These experiences may give them a better understanding of public health and help them articulate their career goals in their applications.

What are the disadvantages of public health?

Disadvantages of Public Health Care: • Long waits and delays is the major drawback of the public health care. Many patients are delayed the health care services due to long waits. Low quality service.

What are the benefits of public health?

Public Health is important due to aiding and prolonging life. Through the prevention of health issues, individuals can spend more of their years in good health. 4. Public Health helps detect health issues as early as possible and responds appropriately to avoid the development of disease.

Do I need a bachelor’s in public health to apply for an MPH degree?

Most schools require candidates to hold a bachelor’s degree from a regionally accredited university or college, but not necessarily in public health. Some schools may require students to have taken certain course prerequisites. For those who don’t have a bachelor’s in public health, relevant work and volunteer experiences may be beneficial.

Why is public health care good?

Providing all citizens the right to health care is good for economic productivity. When people have access to health care, they live healthier lives and miss work less, allowing them to contribute more to the economy.

How many years is Masters of Public Health?

A master’s degree in public health usually takes students two years to complete. However, an online master’s degree in public health may offer accelerated, asynchronous delivery, which can reduce completion times. Part-time programs take longer and can better accommodate working professionals.

Is public health a good career?

In addition to being a highly impactful and rewarding career, there are many other reasons people are drawn to public health such as job security, opportunities for growth, and versatility. For example, some of the top public health careers include: … Health Educator, average salary of $46,080 per year.

Why should I study Master of public health?

Public health degrees offer students the chance to gain an in-depth understanding of the complex and varied nature of public health issues affecting people today. If you have a passion for public health and want to help reduce health risks worldwide, this could be the degree for you.