University of Namibia Master of Arts in Gender and Development Studies

University of Namibia Master of Arts in Gender and Development Studies

What is Master of Arts in Gender and Development Studies?

The Master of Arts in Gender, Women and Development Studies is designed to address issues of gender, women and development, educate decisionmakers in the formulation of gender sensitive policies, and to apply gender knowledge and skills that are essential to all careers, such as, social work and institutional management.

Entry Requirements:

To qualify for admission to the MA (German Studies) programme by coursework plus thesis, a candidate must be in possession of a relevant honours degree or postgraduate diploma recognised at NQF level 8 with a minimum average of 60%.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Gender and Development Studies all about?

Gender and development is an interdisciplinary field of research and applied study that implements a feminist approach to understanding and addressing the disparate impact that economic development and globalization have on people based upon their location, gender, class background, and other socio-political identities.

What is a gender studies major good for?

Gender studies can make you good at researching, writing, verifying facts, analyzing information, thinking critically, and many other skills that are necessary for being a great journalist. You could even specialize in covering particular topics of interest, such as LGBTQ or women’s issues.

What can I do after MA in development studies?

Aspirants used to wonder about the job scope after MA Development Studies in India. Students passing this course can work in consultancies, PSUs, NGOs, research organizations, etc. They can work as a Consultant, Administrator, Social Worker, Enterprise Account Manager, Teacher, etc.

What is BA in development studies?

Bachelor of Development Studies is a three-year qualification with Total Credits of 360. The qualification equips students with skills and understanding of different theories, practice and activities which are useful to facilitate holistic and integrated focused development.

How important is gender and development?

Gender is an important consideration in development. It is a way of looking at how social norms and power structures impact on the lives and opportunities available to different groups of men and women. Globally, more women than men live in poverty.

What is the meaning of gender development?

Gender development takes on new meaning in adolescence as girls and boys experience physical, cognitive, and social changes to prepare them for their adult roles as women and men. … The article also considers how families, peers, schools, the larger community, and the mass media socialize adolescents into gender roles.

What can I do with a PHD in gender studies?

Gender Studies & Sexuality graduates can be expected to find work in various fields, including Teaching, Health and Welfare, Political or Public Policy-Making, Media Writing and Advertising, Management of Private or Public Enterprises, etc. View all PhDs in Gender & Sexuality Studies.

Is Development Studies a useless degree?

To conclude, development studies is not marketable. You’ll be better of if you pursue something else that is actually relevant for the job market. Studying Development Studies is not a good idea.

What are the two major frameworks of gender and development?

GAD focus primarily on two major frameworks, Gender Roles and Social Relations Analysis.

What are the three major theories of gender development?

Given the ubiquitous influence of gender in a person’s life, a number of theories have been developed to explain gender development. These theories can be generally divided into three families: biological, socialization, and cognitive.

How many years does it take to get a PhD in gender studies?

Average time toward completion of the PhD is 6-7 years. Completing course work can take two to three years.

What type of degree is gender studies?

The Department of Women’s, Gender and Sexuality Studies offers a Bachelor of Arts in Women’s, Gender, and Sexuality Studies degree. The degree stresses the need for an intersectional lens through which to understand the construction of gender, sexuality, and race.

Can you get a doctorate in gender studies?

Doctorate in Women’s Studies & Gender Studies Graduate Degrees. With a doctorate in women’s studies, you could learn about gender differences and women on a local, global and historical level. The curriculum could include courses in social movements, sexuality, cultural practices and more.

Why do you study development studies?

Development Studies is an important area of study because it takes a look at inequality in the world and tries to find solutions to improve the lives of citizens in developing countries.