University of Namibia Master of Arts in Security & Strategic Studies

University of Namibia Master of Arts in Security & Strategic Studies

What is Master of Arts in Security & Strategic Studies?

The Master of Arts (MA) in Security and Strategic Studies offered at the American University in the Emirates (AUE) is a rigorous interdisciplinary program that combines both theory and practice. It identifies, analyzes, and addresses current and emerging security challenges and threats.


  • Prospective students must be in possession of a Bachelor’s degree or an equivalent degree from the
    University of Namibia or any other recognized institution of higher learning.
  • Students who do not comply with (1) above, but possess senior military qualifications such as Senior Staff and Command Courses and Ten (10) years of experience, in a senior management/command position may also be considered for admission.
  • Prospective students will be required to write a one page submission to articulate the goals of their undertaking the Postgraduate studies, and the Faculty reserves the right to interview applicants.
  • Submission of an application for admission to the Postgraduate Diploma in Security and Strategic Studies programme does guarentee admission to the programme.

Frequently Asked Questions

What can you do with a Masters in strategic studies?

  • Government.
  • Companies engaged in defense research and analysis.
  • Educational institutions.
  • Intelligence.
  • Non-profit organizations (with a focus on defense issues and national security policies)

What is security and strategic studies?

Summary. One can treat the terms “security studies” and “strategic studies” as synonymous and as pertaining to the study of the interaction of policy ends with military and other means under conditions of actual or potential conflict. This definition means that security/strategic studies can be a fairly broad field.

What is a degree in strategic studies?

Strategic studies is an interdisciplinary academic field centered on the study of conflict and peace strategies, often devoting special attention to the relationship between international politics, geostrategy, international diplomacy, international economics, and military power.

What can you do with a defense and strategic studies degree?

Civilian jobs related to the degree program include positions such as: military analyst, intelligence officer, project manager, strategic planner, policy analyst, research associate, targeting analyst, senior analyst.

What can you do with a Masters in intelligence and Security Studies?

Graduates will be prepared for careers in strategic national security policy and intelligence analysis, and career advancement in the military, defense industry, intelligence community, diplomacy, and business community.

Why is strategic studies Important?

The way to avert such a catastrophe lies in studying again the Cold War, examining what made our strategy successful, and understanding the past, in order to apply strategic thinking to the problems of the future. That is why strategic studies is so vitally important today.

Is Strategic Studies relevant today?

In addition, whatever changes are made to the international environments, the Strategic Studies is still relevant to the world today because it is considered as indispensable means and instruments for national security and state survival.

What is a security studies degree?

The undergraduate degree in security studies curriculum prepares students to: Understand security from a technological, social, economic, political, military and legal perspective. Explore the protection of institutions and individuals, their values, rules and norms from any foreign and known sources.

What are the processes of strategic studies?

Strategic studies development is explained as a working process consisting of two major parts: process of development and process of application of the strategic studies. In the former, the producer is most important for working action, and the strategic study recipient in the latter.

What is Defence and Security Studies?

Defence Studies. The scope of the journal is set to examine how armed forces seek to engage with conceptual, strategic and operational challenges. Defense & Security Analysis. International Security. Its articles cover contemporary policy issues, and probe historical and theoretical questions behind them.

What is intelligence and security studies all about?

BSc Intelligence and Security Studies is an undergraduate programme if Novena University, which examines how security and intelligence agencies operate their environment, and how their products represent a key component successful governance.

What is global security and intelligence studies?

Global Security and Intelligence Studies is a bi-annual, peer-reviewed, open access publication designed to provide a forum for the academic community and the community of practitioners to engage in dialogue about contemporary global security and intelligence issues.

What can you do with a PhD in national security?

  • Counterterrorism analyst.
  • Federal agent.
  • Government employee.
  • Intelligence analyst.
  • National security policy researcher.
  • Professor (higher education)
  • Senior public policy analyst.

Why do we need security studies?

However, security research and security researchers are an increasingly important component of protecting against such attacks, as well as proactively assessing flaws in the fabric of our digital infrastructures and fixing them.

When did Strategic Studies emerge?

The 1970s witnessed the emergence of three new trends in the employment of the historical approach to strategic/security studies. The first of these was the return of ancient history.

Why security studies is important in international relations?

Its essential function is to ensure the political and economic power of a given ruling class or the survival of the social system and an adequate degree of public security” (Buzan 1991:16).