University Of Namibia Master of Education (Sports Education)

University Of Namibia Master of Education (Sports Education)

What is Master of Education (Sports Education)?

Upon completion of the Master of Education, you will have the skills and knowledge to further your career as a teaching professional, educational administrator, researcher and/or policy maker within specific areas of education practice.

Entry Requirement:

Language requirements: English Proficiency
Academic requirements:

  • High School
  • A-level Certificate

-Bachelor Degree


  1. High School & A-Level Certificates (compulsory
  2. Bachelor’s Degree & Transcript (compulsory)
  3. Passport Copy (compulsory)
  4. Reference letters (compulsory)
  5. Evidence of English Language Proficiency (if applicable)
  6. Personal Statement(Optional)
  7. CV(Optional)

Frequently Asked Questions

What type of masters is a masters in education?

There are four main types of master’s degrees in education: the Master of Education (M.Ed.), Master of Arts in Education (M.A. Ed.), Master of Science in Education (M.S. Ed.)

What is the difference between M Ed and MA education?

M. Ed course offers various specialisations and subjects. The programme of M. Ed. is designed for potential educators or for those candidates who have a bachelor’s degree in education and are seeking further in-depth knowledge of the field.

Is Master or Master’s degree?

The correct way to spell master’s degree is with the apostrophe. The s in master’s indicates a possessive (the degree of a master), not a plural. If you’re speaking of a specific degree, you should capitalize master and avoid creating a possessive: Master of Science. The same rules apply to a bachelor’s degree.

Can I do PhD after M Ed?

One of the most sought after degree after M. Ed is PhD in Education which is also Doctorate level degree. The candidates can learn about various advanced aspects of education through this course including psychology, education policy, curriculum and teaching, etc.

Is Ma education a professional degree?

The government of the Punjab, School Education Department has issued a Notification on 18-10-2021 in connection with MA (Education) as Academic as well as Professional Qualification. … 2020, it is notified that the degree of MLA (Education) may be considered as Academic as well as a professional qualification

Do you call someone with a master’s degree Doctor?

No. You do not call someone with a Master’s degree “Doctor”. Only PhD, JD, MVD or MD are eligible to be called Doctor. PhD: PhD is the most common type of doctorate and is awarded in most academic fields. Other doctorates tend to be awarded in specific subject areas or for more practical and professional projects.

How many years is a master degree?

Most master’s degree programs will take an average of two years from start to finish – about half of the time it takes to earn your bachelor’s degree.

What is a master’s student?

If you are pursuing a Master’s degree, then you are considered a graduate student. That’s the case even if you needed to make up some undergraduate courses in order to complete the degree. So once you’ve been admitted into a Master’s program, you are officially a graduate student.

How do you write masters of education?

The most common degree in education is a Master of Education, and the abbreviation for that degree is M.Ed. Another common type of degree is the standard Master of Arts (M.A.), which could include many of the same classes as a Master of Education.

What’s the difference between a bachelor’s degree and a master’s degree?

In brief, the main difference between masters and bachelors degree is that a bachelor’s degree is a post-secondary undergraduate degree program while a master’s degree is a post-graduate degree program.

Is Ma education is equivalent to B Ed?

Ed) is a professional degree and not equivalent to the degree of Masters of Arts. Since MA (Education) is Masters of Arts, it is not equivalent to M. Ed: To become a successful professional in teaching field one should have a minimum qualification in Bachelor of Education.

What do you call a teacher with a Master’s degree?

Master levels are called Instructor. Now because some people get in a snit about the title of Doctor the custom is to only call people with PhD’s Doctors. If you are a grad student and are called professor you should correct the person because it is a title that people earn with an additional 5 to 8 years of study.

Does everyone have a Master?

More than 16 million people in the US — about 8 percent of the population — now have a master’s, a 43 percent increase since 2002. And as master’s degrees have grown, so has the debt that comes with them. … Education was dominant, and many of the other master’s degrees were in traditional academic fields.

Is a Master’s degree the same as a PhD?

A master’s is a 1–2 year degree that can prepare you for a multitude of careers. A PhD, or doctoral degree, takes 3–7 years to complete (depending on the country) and prepares you for a career in academic research.

How do Masters degrees work?

After completing a bachelor’s degree, students can begin a master’s degree, which typically requires 30-36 credits completed over 3-4 semesters. However, because many master’s students already hold jobs, schools often allow master’s students to study part time.