University of Namibia Master of Science (Civil Engineering) (by Thesis)

University of Namibia Master of Science (Civil Engineering) (by Thesis)

What is Master of Science (Civil Engineering) (by Thesis)?

The M.Sc. in Civil Engineering focuses on structures and structural materials; infrastructure rehabilitation; risk engineering; fluid mechanics and hydraulics; materials engineering; soil behaviour; soil mechanics and foundations; water resources engineering; environmental engineering; and transportation engineering.

Entry Requirement:

The minimum entry requirement for this program of study is a BSc (Civil Engineering) or equivalent qualification, with overall grade of at least 60%.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is master’s degree in civil engineering?

Foreign applicants should submit a photocopy of the official receipt of payment of foreign student’s fee. Applicants who will take the entrance examination must present the receipt to the Student Admissions Office. Foreign applicants must pass the English Proficiency Test.

Is there thesis in civil engineering?

There is a very wide range of thesis topics for civil engineering. The possibilities and the diversity of the topics and civil engineering thesis projects that one can choose from should make it easy for you to decide on your civil engineering thesis title. Below is a list of civil engineering thesis topics.

Is a Masters in Civil Engineering worth it?

Civil engineers with a master’s degree earn a higher average salary than those with a bachelor’s, typically earning an average of $126,673 a year. Moreover, the demand for civil engineers is expected to grow steadily in the coming years, growing by four percent in the next ten years.

Which degree is best for civil engineering?

To become a civil engineer, a bachelor’s degree is absolutely necessary. Students should prepare themselves in high school by taking courses in mathematics, statistics, and the natural sciences. Other helpful electives include engineering mechanics and systems.

Can civil engineers do MS?

During a master’s degree in Civil Engineering, you will learn how to manage projects, how to follow safety regulations and building regulations. However, there are particular prerequisites for an MS in Civil Engineering: Bachelor’s degree.

Can you get a PhD in civil engineering?

With a PhD Civil Engineering degree, candidates are allowed a specialization area. Examples include geotechnical, structures, construction and management, transportation, and environmental. Most PhD Civil Engineering programs consist of coursework, examinations and research toward a dissertation.

What is Bachelor of Science in civil engineering?

The Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering (BSCE) is a four-year program that aims to provide students with knowledge in mathematics and science to be applied in the different specializations such as structural, transportation, water resource, geotechnical, environmental and construction project management.

Is civil engineering good for girls?

Yes ,civil engineering is suitable for Girls. There is no any problem for girls as Female civil engineers are also easily getting jobs in present date.

What masters can I do after civil engineering?

  • Structural Engineer.
  • Building Controller Surveyor.
  • Water Resource Manager.
  • Building Service Engineer.
  • Quantity Surveyor.
  • Environmental Engineer.
  • Engineer Mechanics.

How do I write a civil engineering research paper?

  • cover page.
  • abstract.
  • table of contents.
  • list of tables when five or more tables are used.
  • list of figures when five or more figures are used.
  • technical content. introduction. literature review. methodology or analysis. conclusions.
  • references.
  • appendices.

Do civil engineers need a PhD?

Like most types of engineer, civil engineers do not necessarily have to undertake any civil engineering doctoral programs in order to become civil engineers. … Those other requirements may include anything from additional examinations to time spent at work as civil engineers.

Are civil engineers in demand?

Employment of civil engineers is projected to grow 8 percent from 2020 to 2030, about as fast as the average for all occupations.

Is civil engineering a 4 year degree?

Undergraduate civil engineering degrees will typically be three or four years in length and will feature a mixture of lectures and lab work. There will also be an emphasis on working within a team, as this is considered a key skill for anyone pursuing civil engineering careers.

What should girls do after civil engineering?

So after Civil Engineering, you can also go for your own private construction firm. You can take private and public contracts to build residential as well as commercial buildings. Also, you can take government contracts to build roads, bridges, and dams. The sky is the limit when you decide to work as a private firm.

Can I study civil engineering without matric?

The National Trade Courses Boilermaker, Mechanical Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Civil Engineering and Chemical Engineering requires only grade 9 with mathematics and physical science (no matric required).

Is civil engineering worthless?

No, civil engineering continues to rise in strength and demand. Our infrastructure is ever expanding, and ever aging. requiring repairs and maintenance all the time. Our population is increasing, so we need more bridges / roads / highways and stuff made everyday.

Is civil engineering a dying field?

No Civil Engineering is not a dying field. With the human population increasing worldwide, there’s a need for civil engineers more than ever before to build suitable infrastructure to ensure that we can accommodate everyone comfortably. Civil Engineers are expected to grow by 2-3 per cent from 2019 to 2029.

Is civil engineering a tough branch?

Civil Engineering is surely a diverse and difficult branch in general. But, compared to other core branches in Indian colleges, it is considered to be one of the easiest and less hectic branchs. The only difficult part is Engineering Drawing as reported by most CE students.

Why is civil engineering hated?

A person with civil engineering is like working in adverse weather conditions. Civil engineering firms don’t want to take up freshers as they have to train them for field work. The salary is also low upto the initial 5 years while freshers from other branches are getting double that salary in a beautiful office.

Do Civil engineers draw?

You will notice that there are no drawing skills on the list. … While they are not architects, civil engineers need to be skilled in architectural design techniques, working with blueprints, maps, drawings and models as well as computer programs used for architectural design and construction.