Used 8 Seater Cars For Sale in Namibia

Used 8 Seater Cars For Sale in Namibia

What is Car?

8-seater cars are also known as MPVs (Multi Purpose Vehicles) or MUVs (Multi Utility Vehicles). These vehicles come with fixed seating and plenty of space for passengers or cargo. While the minivan moniker is still often used to describe an 8-seater vehicle, most of the cars on this list are either SUVs or crossovers.

Used 8 Seater Cars For Sale in Namibia

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do cars have 8 seats?

There are several Top Safety Pick + vehicles in the eight-passenger vehicle class, though notable examples include the 2023 Toyota Sienna and 2023 Subaru Ascent. These family eight-seaters offer the highest level of safety through a combination of driver assistance and more traditional safety features.

What SUV are 8 seaters?

  • 2024 Kia Telluride.
  • 2024 Hyundai Palisade.
  • 2024 Mazda CX-90.
  • 2024 Mazda CX-90 Hybrid.
  • 2024 Cadillac Escalade.
  • 2024 Toyota Grand Highlander.
  • 2023 GMC Yukon.
  • 2023 Chevrolet Suburban.

Does Toyota make an 8 seater?

Toyota Sequoia

The Sequoia is the largest Toyota SUV, which gives many anxious drivers and passengers more peace of mind. The Sequoia comes in five trims, all with third-row seating, and has the option of a hybrid transmission. It is also the only SUV from Toyota that can seat 8.

Does Lexus have an 8 seater?

If you’re looking for a luxury model that promises a comfortable ride for everyone who steps aboard, then the Lexus LX is the ultimate Lexus three-row SUV. This spacious model is arguably one of the best third-row SUVs around and offers plenty of versatility as it serves as an 8 passenger third-row model.

Does Toyota Highlander have 8 seats?

Interior Options

The L, LE, and Hybrid LE trims all come standard with 8-passenger seating and flat-folding 2nd– and 3rd-row benches.

Is Land Cruiser a 8 seater?


Which Land Cruiser has 8 seats?

Toyota LandCruiser 200 Series Wagon – 4WD Diesel 8 Seater.

Is Land Cruiser and Prado same?

The Prado may also be referred to as Land Cruiser LC70, LC90, LC120, LC150 and LC250 depending on the platform. In some markets, it is known simply as the Toyota Prado or the Toyota Land Cruiser.

Why is it called Prado?

The name of the Museum has a story.

Prado means lawn, and it is true that the place where it is settled was a lawn, Jerónimos’ lawn but no-one called it like that in the beginning, when people referred to it as the Royal Museum. It was from 1920 on when people started to call it as we know now.

How many seats in a car?

Vehicles mostly have room for five passengers, the driver, and three other passengers. Vehicles with two-row seatings cannot accommodate a family of six or seven members. However, when minivans began to grow in popularity, many automakers recognized the need for vehicles to offer additional seatings.