Used GD6 For Sale in Namibia

Used GD6 For Sale in Namibia

What is GD6?

The 2.8 GD-6 engine. This is the top engine in the diesel range and has just been upgraded to 150 kW and 500 Nm of torque when used with an automatic transmission. Prior to this latest model, the figures for the 2.8 GD-6 were 130 kW and 450 Nm of torque for automatic models.

Used GD6 For Sale in Namibia

2017 TOYOTA HILUX 2.8 GD-6 P/U E/C M/T 4X4 ⠀ Price: N$409,000 2017 Year 211 000 km mileage 2.8L Engine Diesel Fuel Manual 4X4 Finance Available

Frequently Asked Questions

What does Toyota GD6 stand for?

Trivia Box: What Does GD-6 Stand For? GD stands for “Global Diesel“, a brand new range of Toyota diesel engines. The hallmark of the GD engine series is fuel efficiency and advanced thermal combustion technology.

What is the fastest Toyota engine?

The Toyota F1 engine is the most powerful engine that Toyota ever made. It was used in the Toyota Supra and the MR2. It can produce over 300 horsepower and a top speed of over 190 miles per hour. The F1 is one of the most sought-after engines for performance cars because of its reliability and durability.

What does d4d mean in Toyota?

Direct Injection 4 Cylinder Common Rail Diesel Engine

D-4D actually stands for Direct Injection 4 Cylinder Common Rail Diesel Engine. Common rail diesels injects a fine mist of fuel into the engine at a very high pressure. The result is the same power and refinement as a petrol engine, but with better fuel efficiency and lower emissions.

Does gd6 use petrol?

The 2.4 GD-6 engine. This is a 4-cylinder turbo-diesel, dimensionally similar to the GD engine, with 2 393 cc displacement. It also produced 110 kW but has a higher peak torque rating of 400 Nm.

How much fuel does a gd6 use per km?

Crucially, fuel consumption has also improved markedly: the GD-6’s frugal 8,00 L/100 km showing on test bested its pre-facelift GR-Sport model by 0,40 L/100 km, even if our CAR fuel index figure rates at a less-flattering 9,60 L/100 km. In March 2021, Hilux recorded 3 941 new units sold.

What is the fuel economy of a gd6?

Other fuel-efficient Hilux derivatives include the Hilux 2.4 GD-6 double cab Raider automatic (7.3L/100km) and the Hilux 2.8 GD-6 double cab Legend / Legend automatic and the Hilux 2.8 GD-6 Raider automatic (7.4 L/100km).

What is the toughest Toyota?

The specific vehicle we have in mind is the Toyota Hilux. Think about it, very few cars can withstand the punishment an old Hilux can. It is built with materials and engineering that are beyond belief and this makes it one of the toughest vehicles ever to be sold and thus – a super-car.

How many gears does a gd6 have?


Driven Wheels4WD/Part-Time
TransmissionAutomatic 6-speed
1st Gear Ratio3.6
2nd Gear Ratio2.09

How many cylinders is a 2.4 GD6?


Retaining the proven DOHC 16 valve, inline 4-cylinder architecture, the new engines bring with a number of advancements under the skin.

What engine is in Toyota GD6?

The 2.8 GD-6 turbodiesel engine offers torque of 420 Nm at 1400-2600 r/min when fitted with a manual transmission – ideal for overtaking or towing.