Used Trailers For Sale in Namibia

Used Trailers For Sale in Namibia

What is Used Trailer?

A trailer is an unpowered vehicle towed by a powered vehicle. It is commonly used for the transport of goods and materials. Sometimes recreational vehicles, travel trailers, or mobile homes with limited living facilities where people can camp or stay have been referred to as trailers.

Used Trailers For Sale in Namibia

Showing results: 1 – 2 of 2 trailers for sale. 2021 Zebra Zebra Trailer. Used Zebra Zebra Trailer for sale in Windhoek, Namibia. N$ 22,000.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the trailer of a truck?

A trailer is a container on wheels pulled by a car or another vehicle used to transport large or heavy cargo. In basic term, the trailer is an unpowered vehicle usually towed by powered vehicle. This type of vehicle is mostly used to transport large quantity of goods by road.

What is the most common type of trailer?

Dry Van Trailers

Typically measuring in at 53 feet, the dry van trailer is the most common type of trailer on the roads today. For the most part, dry van trailers are used to ship the items that people use every single day.

What is called trailer?

A trailer is a wheeled vehicle that can’t move on its own — it needs to be pulled by a car, truck, or other vehicle. Some bike-riding parents tow their small children behind them in bicycle trailers. The trailer you might put a boat on, hitching it to your truck, trails behind the vehicle that’s pulling it.

What is difference between truck and trailer?

A truck is a vehicle powered by its engine and driven by a person. A trailer is a mobile cargo space that’s designed to be pulled by a separate vehicle. A trailer cannot be run or driven on its own. A truck can use different types of trailers to fit whatever the job requires.

What is another name for a truck trailer?

On this page you’ll find 7 synonyms, antonyms, and words related to truck trailer, such as: 18-wheeler, big rig, rig, semi, semitrailer, and trailer truck.

What is the head of a trailer called?

A trailer has a long cargo bay and is able to carry large-size cargo and/or more cargo than can be carried on a truck. Cargo bay unit is called “trailer”, and the front unit with driver’s seat is called “tractor” or “trailer head.”

How long is a trailer truck?

Trailer Types & Dimensions

Semi Trailer Dimensions
Length48′ – 53′
Door Height110″

How big is a full trailer truck?

It is common to see two pup trailers pulled together, making for a total length of around 56 feet. Intermodal containers are typically 20 or 40 feet long but can also reach the standard 53 feet. Tanker trailers, flatbeds and a variety of other trailer types all range between 48-53 feet.

How big is a 3500 kg trailer?

14′ x 6’6 3500 kg Platform Trailer

Model 3543 is a 14′ 3.5 ton platform trailer suitable for use with larger vehicles and most 4x4s.

What is the maximum width of a trailer?

Total length: 65 feet; trailer and motor home length: 45 feet; trailer width: 8 feet (excluding safety equipment); motor home width: 8 feet 6 inches (excluding appurtenances and safety equipment up to 6 inches); height: 13 feet 6 inches.