Used TSI For Sale in Namibia

Used TSI For Sale in Namibia

What is TSI car?

‘TSI’ stands for Turbocharged Stratified Injection and is a type of turbocharged petrol engine that Volkswagen produces. Based on the TFSI (Turbocharged Fuel Stratified Injection), the TSI model is upgraded to improve reliability and everyday drivability.

Used TSI For Sale in Namibia

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is special about TSI engine?

Built to be strong and light, TSI engines all deliver high specific torque from much lower revs, to make Volkswagen cars more lively, economical and clean-running. Volkswagen TSI engines combine direct injection with turbocharging, and also feature an intercooler to deliver more efficient motoring.

What kind of fuel does the TSI use?

A TSi engine is a Turbocharged Petrol engine.

What does TSI mean in a car?

TSI is our pioneering technology for petrol engines. TSI engines are compact, high-powered and use less fuel. TSI technology blends the best of our TDI diesel and FSI (fuel stratified direct injection) petrol engines to give you excellent driveability and outstanding fuel economy.

What is the difference between a TSI engine and a normal engine?

In a conventional petrol engine, the injector sends the fuel into the intake port and a mixture of air and fuel then flows into the combustion chamber. In a TSI engine, the injector directly charges fuel into the combustion chamber, this leads to a lot of benefits.

Is A TSI an automatic?

Or the DSG, a 7-speed speed dual-clutch automatic transmission. Perhaps the most prominent of all is the TDI, the ubiquitous Volkswagen turbocharged direct-injected diesel engine.

Is A TSI Fuel Efficient?

Petrol-power proves efficient

Coupled to the six-speed manual option the engine offers official figures of 45.6mpg with CO2 emissions of 141g/km (WLTP combined) while the seven-speed DSG model on test here offers 46.3mpg combined and 138g/km CO2 (WLTP).

Is TSI and Turbo same?

TSI is short for ‘Turbocharged Stratified Injection’ and essentially indicates that the engine is turbocharged.

What cars have a TSI engine?

However, one of the main heroes of this chapter of VW’s India saga will be the 1.0-litre TSI motor. It will now become a mainstay for the VW and Skoda range and will power everything including the next generation Vento, VW sub-four compact SUV, Skoda D-SUV and of course the Taigun when it is launched in 2021.

How do I know if my car is TSI?

1. TSI Badge or Decal: Many Volkswagen vehicles with TSI engines have a TSI badge or decal on the rear of the vehicle or on the engine cover. Look for the letters “TSI” on the vehicle.

What does the red TSI mean?

The more red it is, just means it’s the more powerful version without that particular range. For e.g. Golf TSI is 1.4 turbo (122hp) but Touran TSI is 1.4 twincharged (140hp) Golf TSI is 1.4 twinchaged (160hp) but Passat 1.8 TSI is 1.8 turbo (160hp) On the other hand, Jetta TSI is 1.4 twincharged (160hp)Mar 14, 2012.