Vision, Mission and Values of the St. Charles Lwanga Major Seminary

St. Charles Lwanga Major Seminary Vision, Mission and Values

Our Vision and our Mission
In response to the call for the renewal of Christian life  by the Second Vatican  Council, the Church in Namibia has been awakened to her share of participation in this universal  Vision and Mission of the Church. Various steps have been taken  for this  rejuvenation of the life of the Church. One of such pioneering steps was the establishment of  St. Charles Lwanga Seminary in Windhoek by the NCBC for training the future priests of the Namibian Church.
Our primary vision is formation of worthy candidates to ministerial priesthood and spiritual leaders of the community with commitment, dedication and faithfulness.

The secondary vision is to provide opportunity for education in theology, philosophy and religious studies to both men and women, lay and religious.

Self-transformation and transformation of the other is our mission. This mission is accomplished by committing oneself to the goal and thereby becoming a light oneself wherever one is stationed in life. Having become a light one is prophetically commissioned to lead others to the goal by radiating on them the light they need.
Our values are nothing more and nothing less than the Gospel values of  Love, Obedience, Faith, Hope, Justice, Peace, Respect, Service, Openness, Caring, Confidentiality, Accountability,  TransparencyDialogue, Efficiency, Excellence, Innovation, Integrity etc.
Our Motto
United in the Word to Shepherd
The Pillars
St. Charles Lwanga Seminary rests on the four pillars of its Vision, Mission, Values and the Motto.