Vtech Training Academy

Vtech Training Academy

About the Vtech Training Academy

Vtech Training Academy is a leading seminar and training Program Company based in Windhoek which offers training programs and seminars for small, medium and large corporations, government and individuals. We provide Inhouse, Onsite and customised training that suit your needs. Our course structure is flexible and designed to match clients’ available time and budget. The academy produces its own materials and on an as-needed basis can source reputable materials on the open market We are able to provide off- and on-site training.


Equal Opportunities

  • We ensure that sound relations between management and staff exist to ensure that no rights are violated.
  • Our equal opportunities policy commits us to creating a safe space where both staff and students are engaged in active teaching and learning without fear of any form of discrimination

Effective Training Methods

  • Our training interventions are experiential, outcomes-based, participative and practical.
  • The learning methods we employ offer a range of activities, exercises, case studies, syndicates, simulations and functional assignments, using a blended learning approach.  
  • Underpinning our methodology are concrete and tangible interventions which are used to assist with the translation of theoretical knowledge into practical skills


1.IN-HOUSE AND ON-SITE CUSTOMISED TRAINING-Vtech ITS develop customized in-house and on-site training programmes through participatory training needs.

2.FLEXIBLE TRAINING DATES, DURATION & VENUES-Where the scheduled training dates, venues and duration do not suit your requirement, you can suggest the dates and venue suitable for your organization!

3.ON REQUEST TRAINING –The training calendar does not include all the courses we offer. Should there be any course you want and it’s not appearing on the calendar please don’t hesitate to question us.

Detailed descriptions of these workshops (courses) are available upon request. You may e-mail us at info@vtech.com.na. Website: www.vtech.edu.na Call us +26485 3000 800/0813748399 Fax: 0886504058

TRAINING VENUES: Swakopmund, Windhoek, Otjiwarongo, Oshakati

Delegates can choose one of the above venues for training workshops. We also offer in-house training for a minimum of 4 delegates.

Contact details

59 Pasteur Street,Windhoek west, Namibia

Tel: +264 85 3000 800

Email: info@vtech.com.na