VVTI For Sale in Namibia

VVTI For Sale in Namibia

What is VVTI?

VVT-i, or Variable Valve Timing with intelligence, is an automobile variable valve timing technology developed by Toyota. It was introduced in 1995 with the 2JZ-GE engine found in the JZS155 Toyota Crown and Crown Majesta

VVTI For Sale in Namibia

TOYOTA HILUX BAKKIES FOR SALE IN NAMIBIA. Toyotas are as synonymous with … VVTI A/C P/U S/C (DEMO) · N$ 340,000 · Was N$ 363,000. Mileage 7,000 km. Engine Size …

Frequently Asked Questions

How much is Toyota VVTI?

Price List – TOYOTA HILUX Series

ModelPriceEmissions g/km
TOYOTA HILUX 4.0 V6 LEGEND 4X4 D-CAB PU ATR900,900.00280

What is the fuel consumption of Toyota Hilux 2.0 VVTI single cab?

This results in a fuel consumption figure of 8.0l/100km, which allows for a maximum driving distance of approximately 1,000km thanks to the 80-litre tank, and a top speed of 170km/h.

Are Toyota VVT-i engines good?

VVT-i is highly reliable and easy to adapt to existing engine designs. This technology has many uses in the future.

What is the lifespan of a VVT-i?

The Dual VVT-i 4.0 V6 engine found in the 09+ models is smooth, quiet, and reliable with engine longevity easily reaching over 200,000 miles (320,000 km).

What happens when VVT-i fails?

If your vehicle’s VVT oil control valve fails, the engine won’t be able to produce enough power to ensure proper acceleration and power output. A faulty VVT oil control valve can cause a huge performance drop, if it is unable to advance the camshaft timing during acceleration.

What is Corolla VVT-i?

The VVT-i system replaces the previous Toyota VVT system introduced in 1991 with the five-valve per cylinder 4A-GE “Silver Top” engine found in the AE101 Corolla Levin and Sprinter Trueno. The VVT system is a 2-stage hydraulically controlled cam phasing system.

What is the fuel consumption of VVT-i engine?

Proponents of the VVT-i fuel efficiency are right of course. You can save up to 30% fuel when you drive a VVT-I engine car compared to non-VVT-i. But the often unsaid truth is you can waste 30% fuel driving the same VVT-I engine. It all depends on how you drive.

Which is better VTEC or VVT-i?

VVT-i vs i-VTEC: Some More Differences

Another difference is that VVT-i technology is designed for fuel efficiency and emissions reduction, while i-VTEC is more focused on providing power through high RPMs to a Honda driver. Another very interesting difference between the two is their versatility.

Which is better CVT or VVT-i?

In answer to your question – VVT can certainly offer efficiency improvements. CVT incurs greater drivetrain losses than manual transmissions and so wouldn’t really be considered efficient. Lift is employed solely as a performance measure and so is also not something that would be considered efficient.

Does VVT improve fuel economy?

VVT and related lift systems help to improve combustion. That leads to better operation of the engine, lower emissions and a 1 to 6% reduction in fuel consumption.

Does VVT make a car faster?

The most noticeable results are: The engine can rev higher, thus raises peak power. For example, Nissan’s 2-litre Neo VVL engine output 25% more peak power than its non-VVT version. Low-speed torque increases, thus improves drivability.