VW Caravelle For Sale in Namibia

VW Caravelle For Sale in Namibia

What is VW Caravelle?

Volkswagen Caravelle is the nameplate of a van based on the Volkswagen Transporter.

VW Caravelle For Sale in Namibia

  • 2022 Volkswagen VW 6.1 Caravelle 2.0TDI 4 Mot. N$ 1,389,900 26,000 km DSG. N$ 1,389,900.
  • 2016 Volkswagen CARAVELLE 2.0TDI 132kw 4-MO… N$ 719,900 122,000 km DSG. N$ 719,900.
  • 2019 Volkswagen TRANSPORTER 2.0 TDI DSG (HIG… N$ 375,000 11,000 km DSG. …
  • 2013 Volkswagen Transporter 2.0BiTDi 132kw L… N$ 259,900 115,000 km Manual.

Frequently Asked Question

How much does VW Caravelle cost?

Prices and Options.

Caravelle Highline 2.0 BiTDI 146kW DSG® 4MOTION® SWB
Recommended Retail priceR1,436,100
Metallic / Pearlescent PaintX
′Heritage′ dual-colour paintR35,690
17″ Alloy wheels AracajuR5,410

What’s the difference between VW Transporter and Caravelle?

The Caravelle is a vehicle based on the Transporter line. Broken down it is just a van but with some added bells and whistles. The interior is where the main changes are made, with seats and trim in the rear that are comparable with a high-end passenger car.

What is the fuel economy of a Caravelle?

Fuel economy ⓘ

Official fuel consumption for the post-facelift 6.1 models range from a claimed best of 30.7-36.2mpg for the 150hp short-wheelbase SE to 29.7-31.7mpg for the 199hp Executive with 4Motion four-wheel drive, according to the latest WLTP testing procedures.

Why is Caravelle so expensive?

As such, the Caravelle is an unapologetically expensive choice in the van-based people carrier market – something that it justifies with its versatility, its quality and its outright desirability. It also holds its value very well, so you should get a substantial amount of your money back when you come to sell it.

Can you sleep in a Caravelle?

For our two weeks in Dordogne we had a sedate dark Starlight Blue metallic short wheelbase Caravelle. If we didn’t have the tent there is sleep pack optional extra which turns the rear bench into a double bed.

What does Caravelle mean?

car·​a·​vel ˈkar-ə-ˌvel. -vəl. : a small 15th and 16th century ship with a broad bow, a high stern, and usually three masts.

Is Caravelle a minibus?

Hire a Volkswagen Caravelle T6 and you’ll experience all of Volkswagen’s historic expertise in the minibus niche. The Caravelle’s predecessor had a chassis that first came out in 1947! Its spacious, comfortable interior makes this Volkswagen Caravelle T6 ideal for long trips.

How many people can fit in a Caravelle?

Like its immediate predecessors, the Caravelle is available in regular or long-wheelbase versions and with up to seven seats, with the more utilitarian Transporter Shuttle minibus offering seating for up to nine.

How many Litres is a Caravelle tank?

Volkswagen claims the Caravelle TDI340 LWB uses 8.2L/100km of Diesel in the combined city and highway cycle while putting out 216g of CO2. It has a 80L fuel tank, meaning it should be able to travel 976km per full tank.

How big is the fuel tank on a VW Caravelle?

Key Specifications of Volkswagen Caravelle

ARAI Mileage10.0 kmpl
Seating Capacity7
Fuel Tank Capacity65.0
Body TypeMinivan