Wedding Tents For Sale in Namibia

Wedding Tents For Sale in Namibia

What is Wedding Tents ?

Wedding Tent Types. Tents for weddings come in two basic structures: pole tents and frame tents. However, there are additional options, including marquee tents, sailcloth tents, and clear tents, that could be the best fit for your big day.

Wedding Tents For Sale in Namibia

Wedding tents. With poles 50 people N $2200 100 people N $2800 150 people N $4100 200 people N $4600. No poles 50 people N $1600 100 people N $2100

Frequently Asked Questions

How big of a tent do you need for an outdoor wedding?

If you’re planning to have both dinner and dancing within the tent, you’ll want to account for 20 to 25 square feet per person. For a dinner reception without a dance floor, you will need between 18 and 22 square feet per person.

What size tent do I need for 100 guests?

Number of GuestsSeating OnlyWith Dance Floor & DJ
8020′ x 40′ 800 sq ft30′ x 40′ 1200 sq ft
9030′ x 30′ 900 sq ft30′ x 50′ 1500 sq ft
10020′ x 50′ 1000 sq ft40′ x 40′ 1600 sq ft
12030′ x 40′ 1200 sq ft30′ x 60′ 1800 sq ft

How much space do you need for 100 guests at a wedding?




How many people can fit in a 10×30 wedding tent?

[Large Size] The size of a 10×30-foot party tent is large enough to accommodate up to 50 people for dining or gathering. The wedding tent is made of 8 movable side walls with windows. The detachable side walls are used for cross ventilation and ventilation in hot weather.

How many people can a 40×40 tent hold?

As we value your time, the simple answer is this: A 40 x 40 tent can hold between 100 – 192 people. If you seat guests at round tables it holds up to 128 people and if you seat guests at rectangle tables, it holds up to 192 guests.

How much does it cost to make a wedding invitation for 100 people?

So how much do wedding invitations cost in 2022? For a wedding with 100 guests, you can expect to spend an average of $80-$275 on wedding invitations and response cards (before postage).

What size tent for 200 people?

What Size Tent Do I Need, and How Much Will It Cost Me?

Tent SizeSquare FeetAmount of guests for Sit Down Dinner Seating

How big of a tent do I need for 500 guests?

Quick Glance

SizeStanding CocktailSeated Dinner
40×60 (2400 sq. ft)380-470200
Structure Tents
50×50 (2500 sq. ft)400-500200
50×66 (3300 sq. ft)520-650260

How many people can a 20X20 tent hold?

A 20 x 20 foot tent covers 400 square feet, so 400 square feet divided by 5 square feet equals 80 people. This is the recommended maximum. If you wanted to make sure people were spaced further apart and more comfortable which we strongly recommend and is shown above, divide 400 by 6, to get 67 people.

How many people can fit in a 40X60 tent?

40X60 Space = 2400 Square Feet. Capacity For Stand Up Cocktail Table Event = 400 People. Capacity For Buffet Dinner Seating = 300 People. Capacity for Sit Down Dinner Seating = 240 People.