Wendy Houses For Sale in Namibia

Wendy Houses For Sale in Namibia

What is Wendy Houses ?

A Wendy house is a United Kingdom term for a playhouse for children, which is large enough for one or more children to enter. Size and solidity can vary from a plastic kit to something resembling a real house in a child’s size.

Wendy Houses For Sale in Namibia

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Frequently Asked Questions

How much does a house cost in Namibia?

The national weighted average house price is now recorded at N$1 176 882 from N$1 038 577 in March 2020. Admittedly, the low interest rate environment has provided a considerable financial relief to households during these challenging times, particularly with regard to debt servicing.

Why do they call it a wendy house?

Etymology. From Wendy +‎ house, named after Wendy Darling, a character in J. M. Barrie’s Peter Pan. A prop house was created by Barrie for the first stage production of the play in 1904, and Wendy sings: “I wish I had a darling house / The littlest ever seen, / With funny little red walls / And roof of mossy green.”

What is another name for a wendy house?

Globally, the term playhouse is more generic and more common than the term Wendy house. A few online companies offer rustic, inflatable, or corrugated iron varieties. A playhouse may become a hide-away, fort, club house in a child’s imagination or simply a place to “play house” in imitation of adult behavior.

What are the advantages of a wendy house?

It can also help little ones understand a little more about how the world works, and in turn, their own place within it. Unlike their own home, a wendy house is completely free from adult rule, it is a place for children to explore their own assertiveness and maybe even help build confidence.

Can you live in a Wendy House?

While some people do use Wendy Houses as permanent residences, it’s important to ensure the house is suitable for all-year living and meets all local building codes and regulations.

How long can a Wendy house last?

With the structure of a Wendy house varying from simplistic design to a tower style playhouse (with additional add ons such as a slide), there are many interesting options on the market. Wendy houses are usually built out of wood so they last a long time. With additional care and love, they can live beyond 10 years.

What age are wendy houses for?

Wendy houses are typically designed for children aged between 3 and 10 years old. They provide a friendly and caring environment for them to be whoever they wish to be. Plus, offer a variety of stimulating and imaginative play opportunities, such as: Role-playing.

What do I need to build a Wendy House?

Sabie Poles Materials for building a Wendy House

  1. CCA Treated Construction planks (S5)
  2. Pressure Treated Ceiling planks and floor planks.
  3. Treated Poles, can be used for stilts/supports in the wendy house.
  4. Plywood slabs for interior use (Untreated)
  5. Doors (Untreated)

What material is used for Wendy houses?

Nutec- the perfect material for modern Wendy Houses

Nutec is a man-made fiber board. It is made by mixing short fibers into a cement mixture, which is then compressed to form a sheet material. The resulting board is very strong and very durable, and can be treated like any other cement surface.

Do Wendy houses have bathrooms?

Whether you need a room only, room with bathroom or even two rooms with a bathroom, you are sure to find what you are looking for in our standard range. Wendy Houses with partitions have been designed with optimum space usage in mind.

What kind of wood is used for Wendy houses?

Pine logs are not only affordable but they are durable and very popular when it comes to building your own wendy house. You want to make sure that your unit is built with the durable products that will nest for decades at a time, which is why should always look with a reliable supplier in South Africa.

How much is a small wendy house?

SizePriceCeiling and Sisolation
2.4m x 2.4mR9,680.00R1,309.00
2.4m x 3.0mR10,340.00R1,540.00
2.4m x 3.6mR11,000.00R2,024.00
3.0m x 2.4mR10,780.00R1,749.00