Where To Buy Cheap iPhone In Namibia

Where To Buy Cheap iPhone In Namibia

What is an iPhone?

iPhone is a smartphone made by Apple that combines a computer, iPod, digital camera and cellular phone into one device with a touchscreen interface. The iPhone runs the iOS operating system (OS), and as of 2017, there were 2.2 million apps available for it through the Apple App Store, according to Statista.

Overview of iPhone

The iPhone is a line of smartphones designed and marketed by Apple Inc. that use Apple’s iOS mobile operating system. The first-generation iPhone was announced by former Apple CEO Steve Jobs on January 9, 2007. Since then Apple has annually released new iPhone models and iOS updates. As of November 1, 2018, more than 2.2 billion iPhones had been sold.

The iPhone has a user interface built around a multi-touch screen. It connects to cellular networks or Wi-Fi, and can make calls, browse the web, take pictures, play music and send and receive emails and text messages. Since the iPhone’s launch further features have been added, including larger screen sizes, shooting video, waterproofing, the ability to install third-party mobile apps through an app store, and many accessibility features. Up to 2017, iPhones used a layout with a single button on the front panel that returns the user to the home screen. Since 2017, more expensive iPhone models have switched to a nearly bezel-less front screen design with app switching activated by gesture recognition.

List of Stores, Shops, Malls, and Online Stores Selling Cheap iPhone in Namibia

iPhones ONE

iStore Namibia

TechGeeks Namibia

Nanodog.net (Maerua Mall)

instant iPhone Namibia

Gadgets Namibia Solutions


Incredible Connection

MTC Klein 

R + R Importers

Lee Cellphone Shop

AK Mobiles and Electronics

Cool Gadgets Namibia

Game The Grove

iStore Clearwater

HiFi Corp

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Below are questions in relation to getting access to a cheap iPhone in Namibia;

Why are iPhones better than androids?

Apple’s closed ecosystem makes for a tighter integration, which is why iPhones don’t need super powerful specs to match the high-end Android phones. It’s all in the optimization between hardware and software. Generally, though, iOS devices are faster and smoother than most Android phones at comparable price ranges.

What is so special about iPhone?

Even though the iPhone has a smaller market share, developers still tend to make the best apps for iOS first. Yes, you can find most of the same popular apps on Android, but they don’t always have the best features and designs like iPhone apps do.

Is iPhone safer than Android?

Apple’s devices and their OS are inseparable, giving them far more control over how they work together. While device features are more restricted than Android phones, the iPhone’s integrated design makes security vulnerabilities far less frequent and harder to find.

How much does a iPhone cost in Namibia?

Apple iPhone 11 is latest iPhone with the Price of 10,183 Namibian Dollar in Namibia .

How much does a iPhone 12 cost in Namibia?

Apple iPhone 12 Price In Namibia is NAD 28333 (Approx).

How much does a iPhone 8 cost in Namibia?

Apple iPhone 8 Plus was launched in September 2017 with the Price of Namibian Dollar 11,050 in Namibia.

How much is an iPhone 7 in Namibia?

Apple iPhone 7 Price In Namibia is NAD 9500 (Approx).

How much does a iPhone 11 pro cost in Namibia?

Apple iPhone 11 Pro Max is latest Iphone with the Price of 16,983 Namibian Dollar in Namibia

Why is iPhone 12 so expensive in Namibia?

Apple’s iPhone 12 is 26% more expensive to manufacture compared to the iPhone 11. The cost increase is primarily due to the addition of 5G and pricier OLED displays. Apple helped offset the increase by utilizing cheaper battery technology. It also including shipping power adapters and EarPods with new iPhone 12 models

Why is iPhone not good?

iPhone call quality is bad. Call quality on the iPhone is pathetic, and it’s mostly because of the tiny speaker. It has to be aligned with your ear canal with the accuracy of a laser-guided ninja doing cataract surgery, or else the volume cuts down to nothing as the sound waves bounce uselessly around your ear shells

Is iPhone cheap in Dubai or USA?

USA, Hong Kong, Japan and UAE (Dubai) are the cheapest places to buy the iPhone 12 series, while India is one of the most expensive places. In Hong Kong, for example, iPhone 12 Mini (64GB) costs HK$5999 (or approx Rs 56,804) but in India, the same model will set you back by Rs 69,900

Is Apple products cheap in Dubai?

Buying it in dubai is cheaper compared to India i suppose, I have read from tech sites that India sells Apple products at a far premium price, maybe taxes or logistics are at factor but i highly doubt. … You get a trip and an apple product for the same price have you bought in India.

Do iPhones ever go on sale?

Apple doesn’t typically offer sales on iPhones, but other stores do. Best Buy frequently discounts iPhones throughout the year for various sales, including Black Friday.

Are iPads better than iPhones?

Is an iPad Better Than an iPhone? In many respects, the iPad is a big iPhone that can’t place traditional phone calls. … Due to its larger screen, an iPad can do things that aren’t as easy to do on an iPhone, such as operating Excel or Word. Other than making calls, the iPad is better for just about every task

Why are ipads cheaper than iPhones?

Originally Answered: Why is the iPad cheaper than the iPhone? Because an iPhone carries more value in use than an iPad. Almost every thing you do with iPad, you can also do it with iPhone, with slightly difference. Actually,smart phones are more expensive than tablets.

Why is Apple so expensive?

Apple’s reputation and brand allow it to charge a premium for its high-end products like the iPhone 11 Pro Max. And adding memory or storage to these products increases the cost even more. Because of this “Apple Tax” Apple products are often more expensive than its competitors.

Why is Apple hated?

Apple is often criticized for artificially limiting what users can do with their devices. This often angers more advanced users because they feel like Apple is treating them like they don’t know what they’re doing. And that’s not far from the truth

Do you need an iPhone to have an iPad?

The iPad can operate as a standalone device, or it can work with your computer. To actually use your iPad, only a few simple things are required. An iPad. An Apple ID (assuming that you want to acquire apps, videos, music, iBooks, podcasts, and so on, which you almost certainly do)

Why does everyone want an iPhone?

But the real reason some people choose an iPhone and others choose an Android device is personality. People are different. Some people rank elegance, ease of use and clarity of mind above power, customizability and choice — and those people are more likely to choose an iPhone.

Why iPhones are so popular?

Because the iPhone has the functionality of a mobile phone, portable media player, game console and handheld computer in a single device, it is popular with many types of consumers.

Do iPhones or Androids last longer?

The truth is that iPhones last longer than Android phones. The reason behind this is Apple’s commitment to quality. iPhones have better durability, longer battery life, and excellent after-sales services, according to Cellect Mobile US