Where To Buy Dates In Namibia

Where To Buy Dates In Namibia

What are Dates?

Phoenix dactylifera, commonly known as date or date palm, is a flowering plant species in the palm family, Arecaceae, cultivated for its edible sweet fruit. The species is widely cultivated across Northern Africa, the Middle East and South Asia, and is naturalized in many tropical and subtropical regions worldwide.

Dates in Namibia

The introduction of a new commercial crop to a country is fraught with uncertainty.

Namibia turned out to be well suited to date palm cultivation. The vast semi-desert country, with a population of only 1.7 million, had wild palms left by German troops.

At independence in 1990, Namibia’s first president, Sam Nujoma, had a vision of his country as a date-growing centre for southern Africa. Investing the Government’s own money in the programme, Namibia invited FAO to provide technical assistance for the new crop.

Overview of Dates

Date fruits are wild or cultivated; the plant is endemic to dry land areas. The plant is commonly grown in arid regions of Africa, the Middle East, and parts of Asia, and has been introduced in North America and Australia. Dates are traditionally used for several purposes although the nutritional significance of the date fruits as food is beyond imagination. Chemical analysis of date fruits indicated large variation in nutritional composition, depending on the species cultivars. 

Date fruits in general contain numbers of components of polyphenols, including phenolic acids, hydroxycinnamates, flavonoid glycosides, coumarins, alkaloids and proanthocyanidin oligomers, flavor volatile compounds, and more constituents that vary with different date varieties. The date palm and desert date differ in color and shape, and mostly in the taste of fruit flesh taste because of the large difference in sugar content.

List of Stores, Supermarket and Malls Selling Dates in Namibia

MBG Fruit Shop

Desert Fruit

Food Lover’s Market

Pick n Pay

Agra Hyper

Soweto Market

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Below are questions in relation to getting access to Dates in Namibia;

Are fresh dates better than dried dates?

Dried dates are a better source of iron and calcium than fresh dates. Fresh dates are a better source of vitamin C. A serving (3.5 oz) of dried dates contains about 82 mg of calcium, 8 mg Iron and 0mg vitamin C. Vitamin C is not stable and can be destroyed by storage and heat.

Why are dates so expensive in Namibia?

Like many delicacies, Medjools are pricey because their cultivation is a complex and labor-intensive process. Although date palms are naturally pollinated by wind, growers must hand-pollinate each tree to ensure adequate yield.

How many dates should I eat per day?

It is ideal to have 100 g of dates or a handful of dates every day to get all the essential nutrients. It is ideal to have 100 g of dates or a handful of dates every day to get all the essential nutrients.

Can you eat dates straight from the tree?

Medjool dates can be kept in your pantry but they’ll dry out a bit faster. We were lucky enough to harvest and taste fresh dates, straight from the date palm tree. They are nothing short of amazing. Maybe one of the best tasting fruits ever — they’re so soft, creamy, rich and delicious.

Do dates make you gain weight?

Dates are rich in iron and dietary fiber, but eating a lot of them will lead to weight gain as 70 per cent of their weight comes from sugar, reports sfgate.com. CalorieKing suggests that there are 66 calories in a single date, so avoid eating a bunch of them if you’re trying to lose weight.

Is eating dates on empty stomach good?

Dates are rich in antioxidants, tannins being the most important of them. These tannins prevent cell damage and protect against inflammation. In fact, eating dates on an empty stomach is known to kill intestinal worms.

What is the best time to eat dates?

Due to your body’s ability to digest foods no matter the time of day, you can enjoy dates whenever you like. They make a great snack in the morning, afternoon, or evening due to their high fiber and sugar content, which helps keep you full and energized.

Can we drink water after eating dates?

If water is consumed after taking these fruits, it can upset your digestion. This is because water containing food smoothens the digestion process and makes the bowel movement easy. If water is consumed over them, the bowel movement becomes too smooth and can lead to loose motion/diarrhoea.

What are the healthiest dates to eat?

Medjool date nutrition facts

  • Medjool dates are a concentrated source of healthy nutrients.
  • Dates offer a significant amount of fiber and variety of vitamins and minerals, including iron, potassium, B vitamins, copper, and magnesium ( 1 , 2 ).

Should dates be washed before eating?

Know that all kinds of dates, dry or ripe, whether packaged or open, are not washed before reaching the consumer. It is therefore advisable to wash it well before consuming any type of date but be careful that there is no need to peel the dates.

Are dates good for sperm?

Some research states that dates can enhance your sexual stamina. Increase sperm count – Dates content flavonoids and estradiol which have positive effects to increase sperm count and sperm quality.

How many dates should I eat per day pregnancy?

Keep in mind that dates are also high in carbohydrates and calories, so don’t go overboard if your OB has told you to watch your calorie intake or blood sugar. Limit yourself to six dates a day.

Are dates rich in iron?

Dry fruits like raisins, dates and apricots are rich in iron, fiber and vitamins, are easy to include in your healthy snacking regime and can boost your Hb levels.

Are fresh dates high in sugar?

Dates have a very high sugar content relative to the rest of their nutritional value. People who are trying to manage their blood sugar, such as those with diabetes, should be mindful of their total sugar intake when consuming dates.

Can diabetic eat dates?

Dates have a low GI, which means they’re less likely to spike your blood sugar levels, making them a safe choice for people with diabetes. Moreover, dates have a medium GL, which means that 1 or 2 fruits at a time are a good choice.

Is date syrup OK for diabetics?

Is Date syrup healthy for people with diabetes? Since date syrup has natural sugar, which doesn’t spike the blood sugar levels as much as artificial sugar does, it is a safe choice for people with diabetes.

What is the side effect of dates fruit?

Symptoms can vary, with many people experiencing skin rashes. Some people may suffer eye sensitivity, with itchy, watery, or red eyes or a runny nose after eating them. Dried dates have a high sugar content, especially in relation to the vitamins and minerals they provide.

How many dates should I eat a day Islam?

While the proverb “an apple a day keeps the doctor away” is known in much of the world, the Muslim equivalent is “seven dates a day keeps the doctor away.” The Prophet argued that seven dates in the morning protected one from poison and witchcraft.

Why should Muslims eat dates?

Dates are easily digested, making them a quick source of energy and nutrients. Eating dates after a long day of fasting can help the body’s blood glucose levels quickly return to normal. When not fasting, consumption of dates before a meal will satisfy the sensation of hunger, which in turn helps to avoid overeating.