Windhoek Vocational Training Center Fitting & Turning Trade Programme

Windhoek Vocational Training Center Fitting & Turning Trade Programme


Apprentices in this unit group operates various types of workshop machinery and related equipment such as cutting, grinding, shaping, milling, sawing, turning and drilling machines, including their attachments and accessories, to produce various types of mature parts and spares according to drawing specifications.

Their main functions include:

  • Use and read basic measuring instruments
  • Perform bench work e.g. filling, sawing and chiseling
  • Read precision and non-precision measuring instruments
  • Sets and operates turning, milling, grinding, shaping and drilling machines
  • Carry out basic fitting and Mounting of parts
  • Carry out hand and machine finishingf work
  • Use hydraulic machines correctly
  • Check, adjust and lubricate machines and related equipment
  • Sharpening of tools e.g. lathe tools, etc.
  • Carry out dressing of grinding wheels
  • Carry out cutting operations in various machines e.g. lathe, shaper,grinder, miller etc.
  • Conducts physical tests of different materials
  • Carry out supplementary tooling to ensure accurate fit
  • Examine drawings and other specifications
  • Carry out simple heat-treatment of metals
  • Finishing work according to specified limit and tolerances
  • Mark out metal from dimensioned drawing for fitting and machining operations
  • Carry out basic preventive maintenance
  • Service machines and other related equipment.
  • Carry out basic preventive maintenance
  • Interpret drawings
  • Plan and carry production of machine parts and spares using various machines to within a tolerance of approximately 0.01 mm and0.02 mm
  • Write technical reports on machines and equipment
  • Carry out inspection and calibration of measuring tools
  • Carry out heat treatment,Operate common hydraulic machines
  • Service of workshop machines (lathes, shaper, miller, grinder etc.) and other related equipment
  • Prepare production plans
  • Plan basic preventive and maintenance programmes for workshop machines
  • Sharpening, cutting tools using tool and cutter grinders
  • Supervise others in proper procedures of operating and servicing machines and equipment in a machine tool shop

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