Yamaha R6 For Sale in Namibia

Yamaha R6 For Sale in Namibia

What is Yamaha R6 ?

The Yamaha YZF-R6 is a sport bike,[1] produced by Yamaha as a 600 class from 1999 to 2020. From 2021, production availability is limited to race-only specification in most global markets,[2][3] causing race organisers to realign their engine eligibility criteria to encourage other manufacturers having larger than 600 cc displacements to enter road-race competition from 2022.[4] Race organisers wanted to provide scope for alternative machinery to move away from established tradition of the Yamaha R6 being the dominant marque in Supersport racing.[5]

Yamaha R6 For Sale in Namibia

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Frequently Asked Questions

How much does a Yamaha R6 usually cost?


Suggested List PriceAverage Retail
Base Price$12,199$11,710
Options (Add)
Total Price$12,199$11,710

Why Yamaha R6 is so special?

Being the lightest of all common alloys and having a high strength-to-weight ratio, the alloy has helped reduce the overall weight of the YZF-R6 while improving maneuvering capability and handling stability. The result is a narrower frame that allows the rider to tuck into the fuel tank for better aerodynamics.

Why is Yamaha R6 so fast?

5 Yamaha R6 Is Powered By A 600cc Engine

The 599cc liquid-cooled engine produced a peak of 120 horsepower and a top speed of 161.5 MPH, which was not only a significant increase over their ’97 Thundercat’s 97.21 horsepower/153.3 MPH top speed, but also demonstrated an improvement against other 600 class competitors.

Is Yamaha R6 1000cc?

Yamaha YZF-R6 Engine and Gearbox

It is powered by a 599cc, four-stroke, four-cylinder forward inclined liquid-cooled and fuel-injected engine.

How fast can an R6 go?

Top speed & performance
Max power116 bhp
Max torque45.5 ft-lb
Top speed165 mph
1/4 mile acceleration10.75 secs

What is the fastest Yamaha R6 model?

Yamaha YZF-R6 RJ11 is the original nineth fastest motorcycle in world with Max Velocity: 183 mph (295 km/h). The top speed was estimated to be 290 km/h (181 mph) but actual tests in 2010 showed a figure of 186 mph (299 km/h).

What is the fuel consumption of R6?

Here are the fuel preformance for Yamaha YZF-R6, according to Yamaha official: The fuel consumption of Yamaha YZF-R6 2022 is 18.1 km/l.

How far can an R6 go on a full tank?

BikeKm to Fuel-Light On (miles)Max Range KM (miles)
R6 ’00200 (124)250 (155)
Daytona 675 ’10220 (136)300 (186)

What size engine is a R6?

The R6 is powered by a compact and lightweight 599cc DOHC liquid- cooled four-cylinder engine featuring the latest manufacturing technology.

What is the difference between R7 and R6?

The R7 has an APS-C sensor, so it’s a tad more portable. It also has a slightly longer battery life and a faster max burst rate. The R6, meanwhile, delivers better overall image quality and is better suited to low-light situations because of its full-frame sensor.