By | November 20, 2017

Bidvest Namibia Vacancies

Bidvest Namibia is the holding company for the Bidvest Group Limited’s interests in Namibia, boasting a broad spectrum of well-recognised brands that has become characteristic of The Bidvest Group Limited.

With a focus on trade and distribution, Bidvest Namibia’s operations comprise two holding companies namely BidFish and BidCom. The subsidiary companies under BidCom specialise in wide variety of commercial services and products.


BidFish is engaged in various sectors of the fishing industry in Namibia and Angola. Namsov offers a wide range of products including frozen horse mackerel, fresh and dried sardinella, monkfish, canned pilchards and other canned products, fishmeal, fish oil and oysters. Namsov Fishing Enterprises (Namsov) comprises Twafika, Namsea, Trachurus, Tetelestai and Pesca Fresca. Namsov owns and operates its vessels and shore-based premises.

Bidvest Namibia is also listed on the Namibian Stock Exchange and employs more than 2500 highly skilled people. Bidvest Namibia is committed to empowering people, building relationships and improving lives. The tenets of entrepreneurship, incentive-driven initiatives, decentralised management and communication are the foundation of our success.

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