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Roads Authority Vacancies

About the Roads Authority

The Roads Authority, whose core business is to construct and maintain Namibia’s road sector, plays a pivotal role towards road safety in Namibia. Namibia’s road network has been ranked among the safest, most efficient and sustainable, and is the envy of many countries.The growth of the road infrastructure and the expansion of the road network have contributed immensely to the economic development of Namibia and the SADC sub-region as a whole.

​Our road construction projects that are geared towards expanding the road infrastructure to our hitherto neglected and marginalised communities continue to enjoy high priorities from the Government of the Republic of Namibia and other development partners.


According to the Roads Authority Act (Act 17 of 1999), the statutory objective of Roads Authority is “To manage the national road network so that it is safe and efficient.” Notwithstanding its Statutory Objective, Roads Authority has accepted that in pursuance of Namibia’s 2030 Vision, the Authority’s Strategy has to go beyond its statutory objective. The Roads Authority Strategy document reveals this intent. A sustainable Road Network, road infrastructure and road user support systems ahead of the Namibia’s growing demands are pivotal to realising this Vision. In support of our national vision, the Roads Authority crafted its core ideology aligned to this vision:

Our mission is to manage a safe and efficient national road network to support economic growth.

Our vision is to be a sustainable road sector which is ahead of national and regional socio-economic needs in pursuit of Namibia’s vision 2030.​

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